North East Marts: June 2

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A larger show of 197 cast cows and stock bulls were forward with demand for all classes being well above vendor’s expectations with many new vendors taking advantage of the flying trade

Cows in a field
Cows in a field


June 2

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A larger show of 197 cast cows and stock bulls were forward with demand for all classes being well above vendor’s expectations with many new vendors taking advantage of the flying trade. Messrs Carruthers of Glenzierfoot cows topped at 197.5p bought by Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Gwynne of Castlewigg farm run of Simmental cows topped at 165.5p also bought by Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Suddes & Sons of South Farm, Durham run of Limousin cows topped at 830kg 163.5p £1357 to Dawn Meats. Messrs Trafford of Bassenthwaite Hall sold a Limousin cross cow for 754kg 163.5p £1232 to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Baird of Red Hall sold the top priced Holstein cross cow selling for 137.5p to Mr Les Fell. Bays Leap Dairy Farm, Heddon-on-the –Wall run of well fleshed Holstein cross cows topped at 925kg 127.5p £1779 to Dawn Meats.

A good show of 8 stock bulls met an improved trade. Messrs Jackson of Skelton Wood End sold the top priced British Blue stock bull selling for 1265kg 151.5p £1916 to Pickstocks, Ashby,

Leading price per head: British Blue £1916 (stock bull) Skelton Wood End, Hereford £1499 (stock bull) West Trailtrow, Limousin £1357.05, £1271.03 South Farm, £1232.79 Bassenthwaite Hall Farm, , £1129.52 Redesmouth Farm, £1072.43, £1069.88 Glenzierfoot Farm, £1059.05 Lough Head, £1056.51 Crookholm Farm, Holstein Friesian £1211.95 (stock bull) Moor Park Farm, £1179.38, £988.13 Bays Leap Farm House, £1144.47, £1006.94, £975.65, £933 Arbrack, £1037.09, £935 Milton Farm, £975.25 Barsalloch Farm, £974.85, £966.41, £938 Park House Farm, £972.79 Slealands Burn, £963.88 Red Hall, £923, £922 Espland Hill, Aberdeen Angus £1283 (stock bull) West Trailtrow, Simmental £1192.50, £1090.78 Castlewigg Farm, South Devon £1183.55 Crookholm Farm, £1175.27 (x2) South View Farm, British Friesian £971.10 Croftlands, £901.53 West Trailtrow, Holstein £933.30, 912 Rose Cottage, £908 Park Farm, £901.55, £901(x2) West Trailtrow, £900.38 Arbrack.

Leading price per kilo: Limousin 197.5p, 158.5p, 156.5p Glenzierfoot Farm, 163.5p Bassenthwaite Hall Farm, 163.5p, 157.5p South Farm, 159.5p Haresceugh Castle, 154.5p Mayfield, 150.5p Crookholm Farm, 147.5p Longhurst, 147.5p Lough Head, 133.5p (stock bull) Down Hall, 128.5p (stock bull) High Field, 122.5p (stock bull) East Bowhill Farm, British Blue 151.5p (stock bull) Skelton Wood End, 138.5p Scotsbrig, 136.5p Sleetbeck Farm, 133.5p The Flatt, South Devon 148.5p Crookholm Farm, 143.5p, 136.5p South View Farm, Holstein Friesian 137.5p Red Hall, 131.5p Becklees Farm, 127.5p (x2) Bays Leap Farm House, 127.5p, 124.5p Milton Farm, 126.5p Slealands Burn, 126.5p (x2), 125.5p Arbrack, 124.5p Nether Collinhirst, Parthenais 135.5p Holmewrangle Farm, Charolais 127.5p Nutholm Farm, Hereford 127.5p (stock bull) West Trailtrow, Simmental 165.5p, 145.5p, 135.5p, 132.5p Castlewigg Farm, 136.5p, 134.5p (x2) Lamonby House, Gelbvie 125.5p Sleetbeck Farm, Aberdeen Angus 124.5p (stock bull) West Trailtrow, 124.5p Macey Bank Farm, British Friesian 124.5p Croftlands, 124.5p Cardew Hall, 121.5p West Trailtrow, Holstein 123.5p (x2) West Trailtrow, 122.5p Arbrack, Montbeliarde 122.5p Nutholm Farm.

Prime Cattle – A good entry of 71 prime cattle were forward with all classes selling well and once again a marvellous turnout of bullocks present. Top overall was superb Limousin cross steer from Messrs Crichton of Loughrigg Farm selling his steer to £1605.83 and top overall pence per kilo came from Messrs Bowe of Bothel Parks, Wigton achieving 220.5ppk again for a Limousin. Top overall heifer was a Limousin from Messrs Dodd of West View, Penrith achieving £1394.18. Finally top pence per kilo was gained by the same vendor, selling a Limousin cross heifer to 217.5ppk. All of the above cattle were purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle.

Leading price per head:

Steers: Limousin £1605.83, £1493.82, £1489.52 Loughrigg Farm, £1520.15 Elm House, £1514.84, £1455.08, £1430.31 Bothel Parks, £1507.94 West View, £1423.58 Houghton House, British Blue £1570.38, £1462.86, £1401.30, £1349.70 Crosby House Farm, £1553.33 Elm House, £1439.27, £1319.51 Kirkland Guards, Blonde £1407.18 Crosby House Farm, £1401.05 High Holmes, Charolais £1179.50 High Holmes, Aberdeen Angus £1001.88 Whitrigg Grange

Heifers: Limousin £1394.18 West View, £1285.90 Bothel Parks, £1200.20, £1140.79 Stainburn House Farm, £1186.16 Kelbarrow, British Blue £1081.67, £1069.39 Oakwood Farm, Blonde £1050.60 Stainburn House Farm.

Leading price per kilo:

Steers: Limousin 220.5p, 217.5p, 208.5p, 208.5p Bothel Parks, 216.5p, 202.5p Loughrigg Farm, 214.5p West View, 209.5p Halfway Well, 204.5p Crosby House Farm, 203.5p Elm house, 202.5p Houghton House, British Blue 212.5p, 204.5p, 202.5p, 193.5p Crosby House Farm, 209.5p Kirkland Guards, 208.5p Elm House, Blonde 196.5p High Holmes, 192.5p Crosby House Farm, Beef Shorthorn 179.5p, 153.5p Bays Leap House.

Heifers: Limousin 217.5p West View, 193.5p Kelbarrow, 192.5p Bothel Parks, British Blue 196.5p, 195.5p, 193.5p Oakwood Farm.

Prime Bulls – A smaller than anticipated show of 76 prime bulls were forward, whereby all classes sold dearer on the week. Black and whites saw a lift in the trade of 10p, top overall was a Limousin bull from Messrs Dodd of West View, Penrith achieving £1489.71 and top pence per kilo of 197.5ppk was achieved twice firstly by Messrs Kidd of Briggle Farm, Penrith with a British Blue and secondly with a Limousin from Messrs Wilson of Reddings, Moffat. Black and Whites topped at £1048.41 for a Montbeliarde and finally top pence per kilo was a British Friesian from Messrs Dickinson of High House, Hesket New Market achieving 154.5ppk. More could have been sold.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1489.71 West View, £1395.14, £1296.17 Niven Hill, £1255.11 Wreay Hall, £1229.87 Jackson Rigg, £1205.65 Byre Burnside

British Blue £1364.73, £1326.38 Briggle Farm, £1331.25, £1192.75, £1175.63, £1105.20 Jackson Rigg, Simmental £1424.45, 31172.86 Castlewigg Farm, £1207.43, 31093.66, £1072.38 Culquhasen Farm, £1052.32 Culroy, Charolais £1150.88, £1044.30 Byre Burnside, Saler £1123.20 Jackson Rigg, Montbeliarde £1048.41, £1046.50, £963.54, £945.95 Broomfield Farm, British Friesian £1015.74 Cardew Hall, £979.53, £974.73 High House, £925.41 Whitehead Hill Farm, Holstein Friesian £980, £937.22 Wreay Hall, £980.11 Durdar House, £932 Crossrigg Farm, Longhorn £960.38 Broomfield Farm, Meuse Rhine Isel £954.45 Whitehead Hill Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: British Blue 197.5p, 196.5p Briggle Farm, 187.5p (x2) Jackson Rigg, Limousin 197.5p, 196.5p, 184.5p Reddings, 195.5p, 193.5p Niven Hill, 195.5p West View, Simmental 186.5p, 183.5p (x2) Culquhasen Farm, 180.5p Culroy, Saler 175.5p Jackson Rigg, Longhorn 162.5p Broomfield Farm, Meuse Rhine Isel 157.5p Whitehead Hill Farm, British Friesian 154.5p, 153.5p, 150.5p High House, 148.5p Cardew Hall, 141.5p Whitehead Hill Farm, Montbeliarde 151.5p, 149.5p (x2), 148.5p, 145.5p (x2) Broomfield Farm, Holstein Friesian 148.5p Justicetown Farm, 146.5p, 143.5p Whins Farm, 143.5p, 138.5p, 137.5p Durdar House, 140.5p Wreay Hall, Holstein 143.5p Jerriestown.

Prime Sheep – An increased entry of 754 prime lambs and 216 prime hoggs were forward.

Prime Lambs - Trade for prime lambs can only be described as wonderful with an overall averaged of 264.97ppk and an SQQ of 265.71, leaving an average per head of £107.14. Topping the sale at £138.80 were a fantastic pen of four Charollais lambs consigned by Messrs I L Grainger of Kiln Close Farm, Glasson which were purchased by Glen Lomax. Top price per kilo was 300.8ppk and was paid for a pen of ten 39kg Texel cross lambs consigned by Messrs Urwin of The Square, Kirklinton which sold to £117.30 and were purchased by Bowood Yorkshire Lamb. 1st cross Texel. Suffolk lambs out of Mule lambs grossing

£93 – £98 for 35kg vendors should be advised to draw lambs early to catch the trade.

Leading prices per head: Charollais £138.80 Kiln Close Farm, 3114.80 Mirkbooths, Suffolk £135.80, £121.80 Town Head Farm, £134.80, £120.80 Burgh Head Farm, £132.80, £131.80, £126.80, £119.80 Greyside Farm, £128.80 White House, £122.80 Kiln close Farm, £113.80 Jackson Rigg, Texel £129.80 (x2), 126.80, £122.80 Stone Raise, £124.80 The Square, £124.80 Wharton House, £124.30 Cowranside, £123.80, £122.30 Wavercroft, £122.80 Clea Mire, £122.80 Cardewlees, Millenium Bleu £134.80, £127.80, £123.80, £121.30, £119.80, £115.80, £113.80 (x2), £110.80, £109.80 Kiln Close Farm, Rouge £124.80 Kiln Close Farm, Dorset £118.80 Plumpton Foot Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 300.8p the Square, 300p, 289.1p, 286.7p Cowranside Farm, 292.7p, 290.1p, 289.6p, 288.1p Greyside Farm, 288.4p Scarrow Hill, 287.5p Mirkbooths, 287p Nether Garrel House, Suffolk 281.1p, 270p, 267.8p Lawston Farm, 272p Plumpton Foot Farm, 270.7p Town Head Farm, 266.2p, 263.6p Greyside Farm, 262.3p Harelawhill Farm, 262.9p White House, 262.6p Burgh Head Farm, 262.5p the Beeches, Millennium Blue 277p, 266.3p, 264.7p (x2), 264.3p, 261.4p, 260.9p, 260.2p Kiln Close Farm, Charollais 267p Mirkbooths, 252.4p Kiln Close Farm, Rouge 265.5p Kiln Close Farm.

Prime Hoggs – Hoggs sold to a top of £109.80 for Texel crosses from Messrs Mark of Sunnygill, Ousby.

Leading prices per head: Texel £109.80, £103.80, £96.80 Sunny Gill Farm, £101.80, £90 (x2) Pinegrove, £97.80, £84.80 Burn House, £97.80 Hundspeth, £87.80 Gorfen Letch Cottage, £86.80 Briggle Farm, Suffolk £92.80 Burgh Head Farm, £91.80 Nutholm Farm, £77 Branch End Farm, Greyface £92.80 Nutholm Farm, £82.80, £70 Hudspeth, Swaledale £90, £72, £55 Branch End Farm, £68 Wham Head Farm, Blackfaced £70 (x2), £63.80, £60 Hudspeth, £68.80 Burn House, Badge Face £50.80, £41.80 Field Garth.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 204.5p, 204.2p Gorfen Letch Cottage, 201.9p, 199.4p Briggle Farm, 201.6p, 197.1p Sunny Gill Farm, 197p Burn House, 192.1p Pinegrove, 191.9p Nutholm Farm, 190.9p Home Farm, 189.2p Hudspeth, Suffolk 191.3p Nutholm Farm, 178.5p Burgh Head Farm, 163.8p Branch End Farm, Swaledale 191.1p Wham Head Farm, 156.5p, 145.2p, 127.9p Branch End Farm, Blackfaced 191.1p Burn House, 179.7p, 179.5p, 173.9p, 166.7p Hudspeth, Greyfaced 189.4p Nutholm Farm, 176.2p, 175p Hudspeth, Badger Face 152p, 121p Field Garth

Ewes – Ewes topped at £115.50 for a consignment of Texel cross ewes from Messrs Park of Cowranside, Howmill.

Ewes: Texel £115.50, £105.50 Cowranside Farm, £109.50, £99.50 Low House, £105.50, £103.50 Wavercroft, £99.50 Nether Garrel House, £99.50 Pinegrove, £97.50 Stock A Steads, £95.50 Upper Brydekirk, £91.50 Low Houses, Suffolk £110.50, £108.50, £101.50, £97.50 Wavercroft, £101.50, £95.50 Burgh Head Farm, £95.50 Branch Farm, £91.50 Upper Brydekirk, £89.50 (x2) Shaw Wood, £89.50 Pinegrove, Greyfaced £77.50 Low House, £75.50, £71.50 Burnhead House, £75.50 Town Head Farm, £73.50 Briggle Farm, Hill Cheviot £69.50 Home Farm, Swaledale £69.50 Stock A Steads, £61.50 Scarrowmanwick, Shetland £51.50 Home Farm.


Mini heston bales of wheat straw sold to £85, £82 and £80 per tonne.



June 5

Darlington mart had forward at the weekly Primestock sale an entry of 315 head of cattle consisting of 142 Young Bulls, 59 Steers &amp; 114 Heifers. 2610 head of sheep were forward with 1640 Prime Lambs, 390 Hoggets &amp; 580 Cast Sheep sold.

Young Bulls – More bulls forward. The best bulls met some serious demand with 10 purchasers representing 18 firms.

Top price per kilo was 206p for a Limousin that realised £1108 consigned by W.I Suddes, South Farm purchased by J.B Fitton Oldham.

Lead grossing bull realised £1666 for a Limousin consigned by WA Richardson, Hutton Fields purchased by Mr A Young of Pac Mecca Meats Ltd.

Leading price per kilo

206 196 WI Suddes.201 195 JA&amp;M Boyes. 201 200 AG Watson. 200 196 D Richardson. 200 WA Richardson. 197 JH&amp;D Wise. 195 193 AC Simpson.

Lead grossing bulls

£1666 £1397 £1371 WA Richardson. £1531 W.I Suddes. £1530 £1455 AG Watson. £1481 £1468 JA&amp;M Boyes. £1474 £1468 £1464 £1428 AC Simpson. £1423 £1407 £1400 £1397 £1374 D Richardson. £1416 £1369 £1342 £1341 EW Grieves. £1337 JH&amp;D Wise.

Steers – a much improved trade on the week especially handy weight steers, stronger better steers a good ten pence more.

Top price per kilo was 231p for a Limousin that realised £1286 consigned by I Marshall&amp; Sons, Hope House purchased by Mr David Bolam of George Bolams of Sedgefield

Lead grossing Steer realised £1396 for limousin consigned by TN Hodgson &amp; Son pf Bottom House Fm purchased by Mr J Worsley of Worsley Wholesale

Leading price per kilo

231 221 197(2) I Marshall. 230 TN Hodgson 215 P&amp;E Ellis. 214 203 IM Maughan. 213 W Ramsay. 210 204 RO Gilson. 203 JE Beadle. 200 M Robinson.

Lead grossing Steers

£1396 £1225 TN Hodgson. £1376 P&amp;E Ellis. £1340 £1258 GF Tuer. £1253 £1201 JM Hall. £1252 £1239 IM Maughan. £1244 £1220 £1203 JE Beadle. £1214 £1202 FT Gibbon.

Heifers – A Better show of classy heifers resulting in a massively improved trade. Up ten pence on the week.

Top price per kilo was 271p for an exceptional British Blue Heifer that realised £1219 in money consigned by RA Busby &amp; Son, Harland House purchased by Mr D Penny of J. Penny &amp; Sons, Rawdon.

Lead grossing Heifer realised £1501 for a home bred British Blue consigned by Mr C. Boocock, Freebrough Farm purchased by Mr Paul Taylor of H Taylor &amp; Sons Butchers in Darlington

Leading price per kilo

271 227 RA Busby. 264 P&amp;E Ellis. 252 C Boocock. 252 242 235 JB Luck. 248 237 JR Walton. 245 M Robinson. 233 FT Gibbon. 233 231 KW Loadman. 231 FJ Young. 229 B Walker. 227 I Marshall. 227 CB Taylor. 225 Cheesbrough. 224(3) JR Walton. 222 FJ Young.

Lead grossing Heifers

£1501 C Boocock. £1470 £1337 £1290 £1267 JR Walton. £1441 P&amp;E Ellis. £1439 FT Gibbon. £1379 £1302 JB Luck. £1337 B Walker. £1314 GF Tuer. £1302 RA Busby. £1298 M Robinson. £1293 £1263 KW&amp;SF Loadman. £1272 FJ Young.

New Season Prime Lambs – the leading centre for fat lambs within the north again a fantastic trade for quality 38kg. The numbers are starting to come quickly this year keep selling your lambs hard fast, lambs will be worth less per head. Sell as quick as you can!

Top price per kilo was 294p for a pen of superb Charolais lambs consigned by N Swinbank that realised £117-50 purchased by J Penny &amp; Sons Rawdon Leeds

Lead grossing lambs realised £123 for a pen from Mr S Blythman these lambs were purchased by Mr J Worsley of Worsley Wholesale.

Leading price per kilo

290 261 P Fryer 288 FA Broadwith. 283 R Hall. 282 272 263(2) N Swinbank. 282 JR Walton. 280 JB&amp;L Knight. 279 278(2) 276 271 264 262 JC Simpson. 276 S Blythman. 274 B Kennedy. 273 259 GF Whitfield. 272 JR Knox. 271 WF Dove. 267 JE Suddes. 267 RA Blyth. 264 262 254 253 247 W&amp;M Knaggs. 261 P Tindale. 261 P Dawson. 260 R Hall. 258 P Graham.

Lead grossing Lambs

£123 S Blythman. £120 £115.50 £113.50 JE Suddes. £115 JP Floyd. £115 £100.50 C Harle. £113.50 JM Hall. £113 £111.50 JR Walton. £113(2) £111 £110(2) £109.50 £107 £103 JC Simpson. £111.50 JR Knox. £111 WF Dove. £110.50 £104 R Hall. £110 £106 £100(2) N Swinbank. £108 FA BRoadwith. £107 P Tindale. £107 JM Hall. £106 P Fryer. £105.50 B Kennedy. £105 JB&amp;L Knight. £103 W&amp;M Knaggs.

Old Season Hoggets

Leading price per kilo.

230 JD Kearton. 210 201 198 D Blake. 200 KA Robson. 206 C Dawson. 206 R Hall. 206 198 GF Whitfield. 198 GS Bainbridge.

Lead grossing Hoggs.

£108 HS Petch. £106 J Butterfield. £106 £98 T Watson £101 JD Kearton. £101 £98 N&amp;A Hunter. £99.50 £94.50 D Blake. £98.50 J&amp;A Layfield. £95 DF&amp;M Littlefair. £94 S White. £91 P&amp;CM Graham. £

Cast Ewes - again seriouly dear

£133 £105 P Dawson. £129 W&amp;V Burton. £120 S Bolton. £120 £103 J&amp;A layfield. £120 £113 £110 CA&amp;JG Skidmore £116 £118 AT Willis. £113 £110 £104 £103 £102 M Little. £108 HS Petch£106 C Morris. £111 £110 GC Pullan. £109 N Swinbank. £108 J Richmond. £107 £105 £100 G&amp;E Walton. £105 S Bolton £105 JC Simpson. £105 AT Willis. £104 P Tindale. £104 GF Whitfield. £103 JD Sanderson. £102 JR Walton. £100 RA Blyth. £100 JM Hall

Prime Pigs. - quality pays the way

Top pence per kilo went to Paul Foster for a pen of gilts selling to 139ppk.

137 136 PD Foster. 129 125 J Mithchell.


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