North East Auction Marts: April 25

Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly sale of store cattle & suckled calves following a two-week break due to the Easter bank holiday

Beef Shorthorn cows with their spring-born three month old calves
Beef Shorthorn cows


April 25

Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly sale of store cattle & suckled calves following a two-week break due to the Easter bank holiday. A great entry of 1,076 cattle were offered representing an increase of 285 head on the same sale last year and ahead of what the auctioneers hope will be some similarly large entries for the three forthcoming special sales to be held at this centre.

With purchasers reporting a drop in returns for finished cattle across the country all classes of cattle were easier on the week. With a very mixed show of quality on offer prior to the traditional top quality sales throughout May buyers were operating with a more selective eye and a cautious approach to secondary sorts which saw the greatest shift in price. Best end cattle continued to sell well however these also saw a drop in trade.

Top spot on the day fell to a mighty Charolais cross bullock with great size, scope and shape from John Walton, Keepwick, which rang the bell at £1390 with another from the same vendor following at the same price. Willie Woodman of Great Chesters brought forward his first offering of his now renowned store bullocks and was next in the ranking with a Charolais at £1380. His 22 sold to average £1300 with his best sorts still at home to display as part of the NBA Beef Expo 2014 due to be held at Hexham Auction Mart on May 21-22.

Being the special monthly sale for native breed cattle 250 head of these sorts were also offered within the sale and included great runs of Angus & Hereford cattle as well as numerous other such breeds. The undoubted highlight of this section was a great run of Angus cross heifers from Messrs Bramwell, High Barns which were well grown at 24 months and courted a deal of attention to top at £1350 and average £1254 for ten sold

With a number of seasonal ‘grazing’ purchasers returning to the ringside the best end of yearling cattle sold to satisfactory rates but lesser cattle and noticeably heifers were less money. The auctioneers invite entries for the special May prize show and sale next week and the May Term sale the following week.

Other prices, Cattle 23-30 months: Charolais steers – £1205, £1160 & £1100 Twizell Hall. Charolais x steers- £1390 (x2) Keepwick, £1350 Great Chesters, £1340 & £1290 Keepwick, £1250 Rare Dean, £1240 Rare Dean & Thornham Hill (x2), £1150 Holling Hill, £1140 & £1125 Thornham Hill, £1110 Sunniside, £1090 Rare Dean, £1080 Lowfield. Charolais heifers – £1205 & £1190 Trench Hall. Charolais x heifers – £1180 Trench Hall, £1165 Capheaton New Houses, £1140 Rare Dean, £1070 Capheaton New Houses. Limousin x steers – £1370 Keepwick, £1315 Lunns House, £1275 & £1250 Satley, £1240 Ryall Farm, £1235 Sunniside, £1190 Low Middleton & Great Chesters, £1165 Ryall Farm, £1155 & £1135 Gunnerton South, £1120 Fairley, £1110 Hallington New Houses, £1105 Satley, £1100 Fairley. Limousin x heifers – ££1200, £1190, £1130 (x2), £1125 & £1110 Holling Hill, £1100 Lowfield, £1090 & £1070 (x2) Holling Hill, £1050 Low Staples, £985 New Acres. British Blue x steers – £1120 Satley. Simmental x steers – £1240 Ryall, £1235 Satley, £1130 Stoop Rigg, £1110 Moss Barns & Stoop Rigg, £1090 & £1050 (x3) Stoop Rigg. Angus x steers – £1255 Elilaw, £1075 Stoop Rigg. Angus x heifers - £1350, £1300, £1260, £1180 & £1100 High Barns, £995 (x2) Stotsfold. Hereford steers - £1180, £1145 & £1020 East Fourstones.

Cattle 17-22 months: Charolais x steers – £1380 & £1360 Great Chesters, £1315 Thornham Hill & Keepwick, £1300 Sunniside, £1285 & £1245 Thornham Hill, £1230 Keepwick, £1190 Capheaton New Houses, £1185 Thornham Hill & Satley, £1145 Thornham Hill, £1135 Rising Sun, £1050 (x2) Lowfield Charolais x heifers – £1060, £1045 & £1010 Lunns House, £900 Lowfield Limousin x steers – £1330 Low Middleton, £1320 Broomhall, £1310 Great Chesters, £1300 Low Middleton & Great Chesters, £1275, £1265 & £1240 Broomhall, £1235 Lowfield, £1230 Satley, £1210 & £1190 Great Chesters, £1180 Lowfield, £1170 Rising Sun, £1165 (x2) Rising Sun, £1155 Rising Sun, £1140 Hallington New Houses & Fairley Limousin x heifers – £1160 Capheaton New Houses, £1140 & £1080 Woodcroft, £1075 Woodhead, £1025 Lowfield, £1000 Capheaton New Houses, £975 Crook Dene, £945 Cowburn Rigg, £935 Woodhead, £930 Low Horton, £890 Crook Dene, £885 Low Horton, £855 East Butsfield, £845 Low Staples British Blue x steers – £1260 Rising Sun, £1090 Blakelaw British Blue x heifers - £1160, £1120, £1100 (x2), £1090, £1070, £1060, £1035, £1000 & £950 Woodcroft Simmental x steers – £1105 Satley Simmental x heifers - £845 Great Tosson Angus x steers – £1220 South Colwell, £1205 Hallington New Houses, £1165 & £1145 South Colwell, £1130 Hallington New Houses & South Colwell, £1110 & £1095 South Colwell, £1090 & £1040 Elilaw, £1030 South Colwell Angus x heifers – £1090 Great Tosson, £1000 South Colwell, £970 Great Tosson, £945 & £935 Little Whittington Hereford Steers - £780 & £740 East Fourstones.

Cattle 11-16 months: Charolais steers – £1110, £1085, £1060 & £1055 Lowfield, £1010 Twizell Hall & Lowfield, £1000 Twizell Hall & Lowfield Charolais x steers – £1085, £1080 (x2), £1075 (x2), £1055 & £960 Elilaw, £950 Redsteads, £940 Woodhead, £920 Elilaw & Raggetsyke (x2) Charolais heifers – £965 & £900 Twizell Hall, £875 & £850 Lowfield Charolais x heifers – £1030 & £875 Wheat Hall, £860 Redsteads, £825 Twizell Hall, £820 Wheat Hall & Redsteads, £815 & £810 (x2) Redsteads Limousin x steers – £1260 Low Horton, £1230 Broomhall, £1140 Armond Carr, £1130 High Baulk, £1115 Lowfield, £1100 Crook Dene & Stotsfold, £1090 Grange House, £1080 High Baulk, £1060 Armond Carr (x2), Salmonswell & Stotsfold, £1055 Lowfield, £1050 Salmonswell, £1045 Ford Hill & Low Horton, £1040 Salmonswell Limousin x heifers – £965 High Baulk, £950 Lee Hall, £945 Low Horton, £940 Ford Hill & Salmonswell, £915 Kirkhouse & Salmonswell, £905 Ford Hilol, £900 Willimoteswick & Armond Carr, £895 Low Horton & Nilston Rigg, £885 Low Town & Salmonswell Blonde x steers – £1240, £1115, £1100, £1070, £1050, £950 & £900 Houselope Grange British Blue x steers – £1005 Twizell Hall, £840 Windy Hill British Blue x heifers - £930 New Acres, £890 Willimoteswick, £835 Twizell Hall, £805 New Acres, £800 Twizell Hall, £795 Willimoteswick, £790 Windy Hill Simmental x steers – £922 & £912 Low Bishopton, £895 Moss Barns Angus x steers – £1180 Rawfoot, £1090 Elilaw, £1085 Ford Hill, £1025 Elilaw, £960 Ford Hill, £920 (x2) Elilaw Angus x heifers - £860 Ford Hill, £825 Old Town Hereford steers - £1200, £1135, £1090 & £990 Pacific Farm, £890 Glower-oer-Him Hereford x Heifers - £1080, £910 (x2), £895 & £795 Pacific Farm South Devon - £910 Cleughside

Cattle 10 months and under; Charolais x steers – £870 Wheat Hall Limousin x steers – £985 Cleughfoot, £955 & £950 Cowburn Rigg Limousin x heifers – £830 Whiteside Haltwhistle, £810 Cowburn Rigg British Blue x heifers – £710 New Acres Simmental x steers – £845 Low Bishopton Angus x steers – £790 Old Town Angus x heifers - £720 Old Town.



Hexham and Northern Marts held their opening sale of the season of 145 Ewes with Lambs at Foot. A mixed show of sheep sold well with plenty of activity at ringside. More could have been sold to vendors’ advantage.

Topping the sale was a strong pen of young, well-bred Texel ewes with Beltex x lambs at foot realizing £205 per outfit consigned by Mr HS Hutchinson &amp; Son, White House Farm.

Texel x (with twins) - £205 &amp; £191 White House Eastgate, 166 &amp; £163 Crescent Farm Mule (with twins) - £160 (x2) Wydon, £158 Rosehill Lleyn (with twins) - £148 Newlands Hall Continental x (with twins) - £168 Rosehill

Cast Ewes sold well, maintaining recent high rates. More numbers required to fulfill demand.

Texel x –£105 Bingfield East Quarter &amp; Hackford, £100 Merryshields Suffolk x – £88 Merryshields Leicester - £98, £97 &amp; £83 The Shield Mule - £97 Crescent Farm, £81 Merryshields, £75 Hackford Swaledale - £56 The Shield.

Store Hoggs topped at £91 for three Texel x Hoggs consigned by Mr J Terry, Low Mill Farm, County Durham. Texel x – £91 Low Mill, £68 Capheaton New Houses, £64 Low Fotherley Suffolk x – £65 Low Fotherley, £63.50 Low Mill.


April 21

Harrison &amp; Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock. Cast Cows &amp; OTM Cattle – A smaller show of 105 cast cows were forward with an increased number of buyers ensuring that all classes were dearer on the week. Messrs Priestley of Cracrop Farm sold the top priced Charolais cross cow selling for 781kg 186.5p £1456 to Messrs Holmes.

Messrs Priestley also sold the top priced British Blue cross selling for 177.5p to Mr John Little. Mr Ian Goldie of Green Field sold the top priced Limousin cross cow selling for 173.5p to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick.

Mr Andy Ryder of Blackhamilton sold a Charolais cow for 870kg 162.5p £1413 to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Fearon of Low Row sold the top priced Holstein cross cow selling for 144.5p to Mr Les Fell. Messrs Watson of Howrigg Farm sold the top priced Holstein cross cow selling for 798kg 127.5p £1017 to Mr Les Fell.

Leading prices (price per head): Limousin £1460 Dinwoodie Green Farm, £1270 Brown Leazes Farm, £1197 Greenfield, £1148 Wolsty Farm, Charolais £1456 Cracrop Farm, £1413 Blackhamilton, £1222 Greenfield, Holstein Friesian £1099 Low Row Scales, £1030 Nook House, £996 Cockleybank, £951 Wragmire Bank, Simmental £1063 Blackhamilton, British Blue £1028 Sunnyhill, Holstein £1017, £934 Howrigg Farm, £958 Wragmire Bank, £949 Hawkshole, British Friesian £934 Cockleybank.

Leading prices (price per kilo): Charolais 186.50 Cracrop Farm, 162.50p Blackhamilton, 139.50p Greenfield, British Blue 177.50p Cracrop Farm, 143.50 Sunnyhill, 139.50p Longrow Farm, Limousin 173.50p Greenfield, 159.50p Balgray Hill, 156.50p Brown Leazes Farm, 155.50p Little Orton Farm, 153.50p Sunnyhill, 149.50p Dinwoodie Green Farm, 149.50p Cummertrees, 148.50p Balgray Hill, Holstein Frieisan 144.50p Low Row Scales, 127.50p Wragmire Bank, 126.50p Seymour House, 126.50p, 121.50p Wragmire Bank, 123.50p Old Church Farm, 121.50p Cockleybank, British Friesian 137.50p Whitehead Hill Farm, 120.50p Dinwoodie Green Farm, Simmental 135.50p Blackhamilton, 127.50p Sunnyhill, Meuse Rhine Issel 132.50p Whitehead Hill Farm, Swedish Red &amp; White 132.50p Riggheads, Aberdeen Angus 128.50p Low Garth, 124.50p Silver How Farm, Holstein 127.50 Howrigg Farm, 126.50p Down By Rigg, 125.50p Wragmire Bank, 125.50P Seymour House, 124.50p The Harras, Ayrshire 123.50p Riggheads, Blue Grey 122.50 Gill Farm, Jersey 109.50p Brisco Hill.

Prime Cattle – As expected less cattle forward with 22 selling very well and all looked sharper on the week. Top overall bullock was a Limousin cross from weekly vendor Messrs Bowe of Bothel Farm, Wigton selling this marvellous animal to £1641.24. The same vendor also achieved top pence per kilo of 225.50p twice, again for Limousins; all of the above were purchased by Pioneer Foods, Carlisle. Heifers peaked at 222.50p for a Limousion cross from Messrs Sisson of Kelbarrow, Catterlen, purchased by Messrs Wm Bosomworths, Meat Wholesalers Paisley. And finally overall heifer was a Limousin cross from Messrs Cornthwaite of Balgray Hill, Lockerbie peaking at £1309.85 and was purchased by Whitakers, The Butchers. More of all classes are required for next week.

Leading price per head: Steers: Limousin £1641, £1601 Bothel Parks, £1594, £1581 Houghton House, £1552 High Knells Farm. Heifers: Limousin £1309 Balgray Hill. Leading price per kilo: Steers: Limousin 225.50p(x2) Bothel Parks, 221.50p High Knells Farm, 217.50p Houghton House. Heifers: Limousin 222.50p, 214.50p Kelbarrow,

Prime Bulls – A good turnout of 67 prime bulls forward and once again sold dearer on the week. Top overall was a Limousin cross from weekly supporters Messrs Mithell of Mirkbooths, Raughton Head achieving a top of £1596.83. Top pence per kilo went to Messrs Mitchinson of Beckstones Farm, selling his Limousin cross to 221.50p and finally a very good show of Black and White bulls present and topped at £1171.20 for a British Friesian from Messrs Musgrave of Cardew Hall, Dalston and top pence per kilo went to Messrs Nelson of Braithwaite Hall, Ivegill achieving 183.50p.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1596 Mirkbooths, £1383, £1372 Pumplaburn, £1360 Beckstones Farm, British Blue £1528, £1398 Pumplaburn, £1237 Beckstones Farm, Charolais £1434 Pumplaburn, Aberdeen Angus £1335 Milton Farm, British Blonde £1210 Braithwaite Hall, Simmental £1177 Beckstones Farm, British Friesian £1171, £961 Cardew Hall, £1097 Braithwaite Hall, Holstein £1072, £1049, £1044, £1039, £1038, £1034, £1020 Wragmire Bank. Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 221.50p Beckstones Farm, 215.50p(x2), 214.50p Pumplaburn, 211.50p Mirkbooths, 210.50p Beckstones Farm, British Blue 211.50p, 206.50p Pumplaburn, 201.50p Beckstones Farm, 192.50p Wragmire Bank, Charolais 199.50p Pumplaburn, 179.50p Beckstones Farm, British Blonde 197.50p Braithwaite Hall, Simmental 190.50p Beckstones Farm, British Friesian 183.50p Braithwaite Hall, 171.50p, 163.50p Whitehead Hill Farm, 152.50p Cardew Hall, Aberdeen Angus 178.50p Milton Farm, Holstein 171.50p, 168.50p, 166.50p(x2), 165.50p(x3), 163.50p, 162.50p, 160.50p(x2), 159.50p Wragmire Bank, 161.50p Haythwaite Lane Farm, Holstein Friesian 150.50p Mirkbooths, 148.50p Hayclose.

Prime Hoggs – Despite falling on a bank holiday, a very pleasing entry of 1258 prime sheep and 119 ewes were forward. Spring lambs sold to a top of £123.80 for Suffolks consigned by Miss J Barbour of Beechgrove, Annan which was purchased by Mr John Scott Meat, Paisley.

Top pence per kilo for spring lambs was 286.9p for lightweight Texels from Messrs Ramsay of Dockray Hall, Wigton selling to Bowood Yorkshire Lamb. Hoggs topped at £121.80 for Texel cross lambs consigned by Stuart Stellen of Newthill and purchased by Mr James Thompson on behalf of a private butcher. Top pence per kilo was 294.5p again for Texel cross hoggs from Newthill, they weighed 40kg and sold at £117.80 again to Mr Thompson on behalf of the same client. Hoggs averaged 214.97p with an SQQ of 225.97p handier weighted hogs sold to advantage.

Leading prices per head: Texel £121.80, £117.80, £115.80, £114.80 Newthill, £119.80, £111.80 Seymour House, £114.80 Dotland Park, £114.80 Cardew Hall, £113.80(x2) Sunny Gill Farm, £112.80 Newtown, Millenium Bleu £115.50, £109.80(x2), £108.80, £107.80, £98.80, £94, £93.80 Kiln Close Farm, Berrichon £113.80 Kiln Close Farm, Suffolk £108.80 Limestone Cottage, £107.80, £104.80, £103.80 Newthill, North Country Cheviot £105.80, £104.30, £99.50 Newthill, £105.30 Woodhousehill, £103.80 Woodside Farm, £103.80, £103.30 Sunny Gill Farm, £103.80 Mirkbooths, £102.80, £99.80 Orton Rigg Farm, £102.80 High Knells Farm, Border Leicester £104.80 Newthill, Charollais £103.80, £97.80, £93.80 Mirkbooths, £98.80, £95.80 Northrigg Hill, Greyfaced £97.80, £88.80 Bowscale Farm, £95.80 Setterah Park, £94.80 Glasson Farm, £93.80 Mirkbooths, Blackfaced £94.50 Fieldside Farm, Swaledale £94.30, £89.80 Setterah Park, £83.80 Bowscale Farm, Beltex £91.80 Limestone Cottage, Zwartbles £81.80 Glasson Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 294.50p, 273.30p, 271.70p, 266.20p, 264.80p, 245.30p, 244.90p Newthill, 270.40p, 258.60p Sunny Gill Farm, 260.90p Dotland Park, 258.80p Woodside Farm, North Country Cheviot 247.10p Woodside Farm, 242.70p, 234.40p, 234p, 221p, 215.90p Newthill, 239.30p Woodhousehill, 233.60p High Knells, 231p Orton Rigg Farm, 230.70p Mirkbooths, 221.80p Orton Rigg Farm, Beltex 244.80p Limestone Cottage, Suffolk 223p Newthill, 201.70p Nutholm Farm, Millennium Bleu 215.30p, 205.80p Kiln Close Farm, Swaledale 214.30p, 211.30p Setterah Park, 204.40p Bowscale Farm, Charollais 210.20p, 208.30p Northrigg Hill, 207.60p Mirkbooths, Greyfaced 208.90p, 203.80p Bowscale Farm, 208.30p Setterah Park, Blackfaced 207.70p Fieldside Farm, 205.10p Dirrops.

Prime Lambs – Leading prices per head: Suffolk £123.80, £117.80, £111.80, £108.80 Beechgrove, £119.80 Sunnyhill, Bleu D Maine £104.80 Ashknowe, Texel £91.80(x2) Dockray Hall.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 286.90p, 270p Dockray Hall, Suffolk 272p, 253.30p, 252.70p Beechgrove, 260.40p Sunnyhill, Blue D Maine 232.90p Ashknowe.

Ewes – Ewes were very dear topping at £120 for a fantastic ewe from Messrs Hall of New Houses, Hallington whose run of ewes averaged £109.53.

Leading prices per head: Texel £120, £117.50(x2), £109.50, £107.50, £103.50 New Houses Farm, £115.50, £107.50, £103.50 Dotland Park, £107.50 Hargill House, £105.50 Ashfield, Suffolk £109.50 Burgh Head Farm, £103.50 Ashknowe, £101.50 Wilshir, £99.50 Ghyll Croft, £97.50 Burgh Head Farm, Charollais £93.50 Kiln Close Farm, Greyfaced £85.50 Partridge Nest, £81.50 Thirlwall Castle, Swaledale £63.50 Thirlwall Castle Farm, Jacob £47.50 Zetlands.

Ram: Suffolk £103.50 Burgh Head Farm, Texel £101.50 Dotland Park.


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