National Sheep Association disappointed at lack of lamb in 'lamb' curry

Hard-working sheep farmers have been let down by individuals further up the food chain after tests showed many lamb curries contained no lamb

Spring lambs enjoy the sunshine
Spring lambs

The National Sheep Association says it is disappointed that 43 out of 145 meat samples from lamb takeaways recently tested by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) were not lamb.

Chief executive Phil Stocker said: “Transparency and honest labelling that people can trust is absolutely essential.

“Sheep farmers work exceptionally hard to do the job right and turn out a high-quality and traceable product; they are subject to strict animal identification laws and onerous inspection regimes, and many voluntarily participate in additional assurance schemes too.

“This news is a slap in the face to a sheep sector that puts in so much effort. We have been let down by individuals further up the food chain.”

Beef, chicken and turkey were found in the 43 non-lamb samples, but no horsemeat.

The FSA had asked local authorities to test 300 samples of lamb from takeaways from the beginning of May, with the threat of a £5,000 fine for mislabelling.


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