National Beef Association appoints nutrition expert

Charlie Maclaren will be working to improve health within the British cattle industry

Charlie Maclaren of the National Beef Association
Charlie Maclaren of the National Beef Association

The Hexham-based National Beef Association (NBA) has appointed a new board member, commercial expert in animal nutrition and management, Charlie Maclaren.

Based in Dumfries in the Borders, Mr Maclaren owns and runs MVT Scotland, a specialist animal health company with a science-based focus on minerals and vitamins.

He joined the NBA many years ago and was one of its first members with a science-based background.

Mr Maclaren’s role on the board will involve looking at the beef industry from a commercial perspective, rather than from that of the hands-on farmer.

Having long been passionate about sustainable agriculture, he says he remains totally committed to working with both commercial and pedigree breeders for the long-term future of the industry.

The long-term aim of Maclaren’s three year term is to work with the pharmaceutical industry and with specialist research organisations such as the Moredun Institute and the Royal Dick to improve health within the British cattle industry.

On behalf of the NBA, he will ensure that members are supplied with current and relevant information about the many disease challenges that face the industry.

Maclaren said: “I was invited to join the board and felt both honoured and cautious as to whether I would bring enough experience to the table to help move the beef industry forward.

“I believe that my initial focus will be to promote the NBA’s main aims, to, identify and promote highest possible levels of best practice throughout the production chain, achieve a return that allows quality welfare and standards in the chain to rise and to raise cattle health standards in the UK.

“In terms of managing health issues, it is all about information and knowledge transfer.

“We want farmers to have the real facts about the many diseases and parasites affecting the cattle industry such as TB, BVD, Liver Fluke and Cryptosporidium.

“So our task as the representative body for the cattle industry is to gather the information, make sure that the pharmaceutical people agree with the information and then ensure that the farmers are given the correct facts about the diseases and how they can be prevented or dealt with.”

The NBA acts as the voice of the British beef industry, promoting and encouraging the breeding of beef cattle.


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