Longtown Mart: January 28

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 1,944 store hoggs and feeding sheep.

A farmer with his flock of sheep
A farmer with his flock of sheep

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had forward 1,944 store hoggs and feeding sheep.

Another good show was forward to the usual ring of buyers with trade being as strong as ever but maybe a better show of hoggs for quality forward. Numbers are now tightening up and trade looks likely to remain.

The sale was topped at £82 for Texels from Grassgarth, £78 Uppertofts, £77 Newbigging, The How and Bettyknowes; Suffolk £73.50 Keith, £73 Longbeoch, £70 Keith; North Country Cheviot £72 Adderston Shiels, £67 Borthwickshiels, £66 Adderston Shiels; Greyface £71 Ormiston, £69 Grassgarth, £65 Longbeoch, The How and Flosh Lodge; Hill Cheviot £69.50 Borthwickshiels; Hampshire £66 Dyke; Beltex £66, £63 Sharplaw; Half Bred £66 Adderston Shiels; Cheviot Mule £57 Raehills; Charollais £57 Hesket House, £54.50 Priorsford; Blackface £54, £50 Little Larg, £49 Bettyknowes; Herdwick £54 South Dene. Feeding ewes to £66 for Texels from Bettyknowes, £60 Keith; Greyface £55 Cowrigg, £54 Bettyknowes.


w/e January 24

Border Livestock Exchange sold 146 Prime Cattle; 40 Cull Cows; 1,949 Prime Lambs; 421 Cull Ewes and 72 Store Cattle.

A tremendous consignment of ¾ bred Continental Steers from Newlands Mill, Hesket Newmarket, Wigton topped the Cattle prices when they sold to average 392p per kg and to a top price per head of £1,803. A Charolais Young Bull from Blackadder Mains, Duns realised 384p per kg and £1,739. Cull Cow numbers continue to rise with a satisfactory level of prices being achieved for all types. Continental Cross Cows to £1,101 Pilmuir. Aberdeen Angus Cows to £1,069 Tughall Farm, Alnwick.

Lamb trade improved as the week progressed selling to 410p per kg for Cheviot Crosses from South Riccalton, Jedburgh. Texel Crosses to 400p per kg; Meatlinc to 400p per kg and Pure Lleyns also to 400p per kg. Store Cattle slightly easier. Charolais Cross Steers 18 months to £1,200.


January 23

A larger show of newly-calved dairy cattle and a super crowd witnessed a strong trade for quality modern Dairy cows. Trade topping at £2400 for a marvellous 32kg Heifer from Messrs Watson, Gaterigg Farm. Messrs Brown, Seaville Cote averaged £2005 for 4 to a top of £2200. Friesian Heifers sold to £2000 for Messrs Bowe of Calvo. Holstein Friesian Cows topped at £1800 for a Dutch import from Livestock Solutions. Friesian Cows to £1520 for Messrs Bell, Nerewater Farm.

Leading prices - Heifer in Milk £2400 Gaterigg Farm £2200 £2100 £1920 £1800 Seaville Cote £2000 Calvo. Cow in Milk £1800 High Farm.

The opening sale of Beef Breeding produced a useful show of cattle meeting good demand. Heifers and Calves to £2100 and £2000 for Messrs Raven, Priestcroft and In Calf Cows to £1260 for Messrs Weightman, Rosgill Hall.

Limousin Heifer and Heifer Calf £2100 Priestcroft. Limousin Heifer and Bull Calf £2000 Priestcroft. Limousin Cow In Calf £1260 Rosgill Hall.

January 16

Hopes Auction Co Ltd held their sale of Over Thirty Months Cattle when there was forward an entry of 98 cattle. A strong show and trade just lifting slightly with plenty of cows 160p plus.

The top price was 190.5p paid for a Limousin Heifer from RE & KM Jackson, Lane End. The top price per head was I & CL Richardson, Greenlands for a Limousin Cow reaching £1502.02. Dairy Bred sold to 145.5p paid for a Friesian Heifer from L Harrington, Wellington Farm.

The top price per head for dairy was £986.05 for a Holstein from Messrs J Dixon & Son, Lesson Hall. Per kg - Limousin 190.5 Lane End 187.5 182.5 176.5 Greenlands 168.5 161.5 Allerby Hall 162.5 The Old Vicarage. British Blue 176.5 170.5 152.5 148.5 The Old Vicarage 153.5 Mechi 142.5 Fellside House Farm. Shorthorn 150.5 Beck Grange. Charolais 148.5 Aikhead 135.5 Clea Mire 129.5 Highmoss. Friesian Heifer 145.5 Wellington Farm. Simmental 142.5 The Old Vicarage 137.5 Ericstane. Angus 129.5 Ericstane. Friesian 124.5 121.5 Auldby Farm. Blonde 119.5 The Wreay. Holstein 118.5 Roundhill 118.5 Newton Field 115.5 Carrick Dene 115.5 Kelsick House Farm

Prices per head - Limousin £1502.02 £1324.95 £1293.75 Greenlands £1449.71 Lane End £1264.25 The Old Vicarage £1175.52 Manor Farm £1144.28 Allerby Hall £1095.62 Aikhead. British Blue £1378.47 £1353.77 £1075.13 The Old Vicarage £1062.22 Mechi £978.98 Fellside House Farm. Charolais £1136.03 Aikhead. Shorthorn £1176.91 Beck Grange. Simmental £1016.03 The Old Vicarage £963.88 Ericstane. Holstein £986.05 Lesson Hall (Dixon) £931.41 Roundhill £860.48 Kelsick House Farm. Friesian £912.59 £856.58 Auldby Farm. Friesian Heifer £894.83 Wellington Farm. Angus £782.18 Ericstane. Holstein Heifer £652.63 Cumrew Farm. Blonde £646.50 The Wreay


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