Darlington Mart: March 03

Darlington Farmers' Auction Mart held their weekly Sale of Cast Cattle, Store and Breeding Stock

Cows in a field
Cows in a field


March 3

Darlington Farmers’ Auction Mart held their weekly Sale of Cast Cattle, Store and Breeding Stock.

Forward were 338 head of cattle and 851 sheep. 96 Cast Cows sold to 196ppk or £1520 per head 7 Stock Bulls sold to 162ppk or £1507 per head 37 Breeding Cattle sold to £1020 per head 52 Store Steers sold to £1260 per head

121 Store Heifers sold to £1190 per head 25 Young Bulls sold to £1010 per head 186 Breeding Sheep sold to £168 per head 665 Store Hoggs sold to £84.50 per head

Store & breeding cattle - No let-up in the store trade as once again buyers were out in force this week and all classes of beast were keenly bid for.

A run of 20 In Calf cows from F W W Chapman, Woolaw Farm provided the leading price in the breeders as an 8 1/2 year old Limousin cow just a few weeks away from calving sold for £1020 to A R & B A Wilson, West Highwood Farm.

Leading the trade for store cattle was an impressive run of Hereford Steers from P R E Marwood, Huller Bush they sold on 3 occasions over £1200 with the best a 21 month old which reached £1260.

The heifers were again a flying trade with a dozen selling in excess of £1000 and the 121 sold averaged over £840.

Top price was £1190 paid for a 23 month old Limousin from E W Holmes, Hetherick Grange she’ll be a likely suckler cow maker as she headed back to Low West House with N G Beveridge. Top priced young bull was a 12 month old British Blue from H E Jewitt, Lodge House Farm as he sold to J A Matten & Sons, Thirsk for £1010.

This week’s leading prices, store steers - £1260 £1220 £1210 P R E Marwood. £1095 £1065 £1040 £970 G L & M Steel. £1000(x3) £940 R & W Todd. £980 £920 K Buckle. £940 D & P H Brown.

Store heifers - £1190 £1180 £1050 E W Holmes. £1130 £1000(x4) J H Johnson. £1035 £1005(x2) J J Allison. £1030 £1000 R White.

Young bulls - £1010 H E Jewitt. £1000(x3) D E Stones. £920 £795 I S & J D Cowan. £810 £800 A F Smith.

Cast cattle - The average this week was up again to 128ppk or £877 per head as the trade continues to steadily improve each week.

A pair of outstanding Charolais Cows from Ouston Farms Ltd, Trench Hall proved the highlight as they sold for 196ppk and 181ppk with gross values just either side of £1500 apiece. An impressive 6 year old Limousin Bull from J R Rukin also topped the £1500 barrier and another 2 Stock Bulls topped £1400.

Leading the trade for Dairy Cattle was a fleshy black and white cow from Little Newsham Farms with a value of £1153.

Leading pence per kilo beef breeds - 196 181 179 Ouston Farms Ltd. 175 P & E Ellis. 173 Rochester & Murray. 172 C M & T F Seymour. 165 160 T N Callendar. 162 I & R A Watson. 161 J Bowman. 160 W J & A W J & A Bowes & Sons. 154 Skelton Farming.

Leading dairy cattle pence per kilo - 127 118 117 115 Little Newsham Farms. 125 J E Farrow & Son. 119(x2) G Thompson & Sons. 119 T W Clark & Son. 118 115 Leggott Farming Ltd.

Leading grossing - £1520 £1493 £1235 Ouston Farms Ltd. £1507 J R Rukin. £1456 J Elliot. £1422 £1193 P & E Ellis. £1390 £1168 T N Callender. £1348 W J & A Bowes & Sons. £1269 Rochester & Murray. £1266 T Nesbitt & Son. £1244 Skelton Farming Ltd. £1218 I & R A Watson. £1154 C M & T F Seymour. £1153 Little Newsham Farms.

Store & breeding sheep - Store lambs are still very much in demand, although the quality lambs are now becoming few and far between an average of £63 was still achieved. Top price was for a pen of 14 texel lambs from J Goldie, Layton House Farm as they sold to W F Dove & Sons for £84.50.

A good show of In Lamb ewes were on offer this week and with the recent rise in trade for prime hoggs and cast ewes they are in strong demand. Texel ewes carrying twins from F Ward, Rogerley Hall sold to S Blythman, New Sundial Farm for the days top price of £168.

Leading the trade for Mules was F Johnson, West Shipley as his 2/3 crop ewes carrying twins sold to J P Coatsworth of West Rackwood Hill for £132 per head. Continental Ewe lambs sold up to £99 on the day and broken mouthed Mule ewes suckling twin texel lambs realised over £40 per life.

In lamb ewe prices - £168 £120 £112 £100 F Ward. £132 £128 F Johnson. £96 £78 D Easton. £82 A Hunter.

Ewes & lambs - £124 £118 £115 £104 A Wilson.

Ewe hoggs (Empty) - £99 £83 F Ward. £83 H S Hutchinson.

Leading store hogg prices - £84.50 £83.50 £74 J Goldie. £80 J H Johnson. £80 £73 B Spencer. £79 S J Love. £73 Messr Beckwith. £72 £71.50(x2) J D Sanderson. £70 M Churchyard. £70 J B & L Knight.


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