Darlington Mart: June 12

Darlington had forward at the weekly Prime Stock sale a show of 311 Prime Cattle consisting of 134 Prime Bulls, 49 Steers & 128 Heifers.

Darlington had forward at the weekly Prime Stock sale a show of 311 Prime Cattle consisting of 134 Prime Bulls, 49 Steers & 128 Heifers. 2217 Prime Sheep were forward with 1457 New season lambs & 760 Cast sheep on offer. 58 Prime Pigs were also presented for auction.

Young Bulls - Met the hardest trade seen for some time. Best Bulls were keenly bid for with weight not a problem

Top price per kilo was 197p for a light weight exceptional Limousin that realised £1099 consigned by JL Marks Gilly Flats Fm purchased by Mr Michael Jewitt of JA Jewitts Spennymoor.

Lead grossing bull realised £1469 for Bruser of a British Blue consigned by D Richardson & Co Bracken House purchased by Mr Michael Broad of Cleveland Meats Stockton

Leading price per kilo

Steers - Met a cracking trade on the with handy weight quality steers the sort after commodity. Up by 5p to 8p on the day.

Top price per kilo was 223p for a home bred square Limousin that realised £1133 consigned by FH Hutchinson White House Fm purchased by Mr Andrew Bolam of George Bolams of Sedgefield.

Lead grossing Steer realised £1396 for a powerful Limousin consigned by JE Beadle & Son Charlton Hall

Leading price per kilo

Heifers - More demand, a classer show once again, overall a great trade with the all buyers looking for smart lean meated handy weight heifers, premiums are paid for the correct goods.

Top price per kilo was 250p for a fancy Limousin that realised £1263 consigned by Messers Cheesebrough & Son Heddon Haugh Fm purchased by Mr Paul Taylor-Garthwaite of Taylors butchers of Darlington

Lead grossing heifer realised £1500 for a outstandingly well finished British Blue consigned by JC Simpson of Hill Top East purchased by Mr John Worlsey of Worsley Wholesale of Dewsbury

Leading price per kilo

Prime Lambs - Again the biggest show in the north east with some smart stylish lambs with shape on show. Plenty of demand with 12 buyers ringside representing 17 firms.

Top price per kilo was 292p for a pen of outstanding Texel X charolais that realised £114 consigned by Mr John C Simpson of Hill Top East Fm they were purchased by Mr John Worsley of Worsley Wholesale of Dewsbury.

Lead grossing lambs realised £130 for a pen of strong Texels consigned by JW&J Collin purchased by W Woodward of Bowood Farms.

Leading price per kilo

292 280(2) 276 274 266 JC Simpson. 281 257 N Swinbank. 289 255 S Blythman. 279 266 265 RG Richardson. 268 DJ Bailes. 265 JC JOhnson 263 254 W&M Knaggs. 263 GC&JC Pullan 260 BR&S Fell. 259 W Kirk. 259 BR Routledge. 257 255 RA Patterson. 256(2) East Mellwaters. 255 P Graham. 255 JR Walton. 254 CM Firby. 252(2) JM Hall.

Lead Grossing.

£130 JW&J Collin. £123 £114.50 £113 RG Richardson. £121 AW Sanderson. £117 £107 RA Patterson.£116 WR Thompson. £114 DJ Bailes. £114 S Blythman. £114 £105.50 £110.50(2) £109(2). £111 £107 JM Hall. £108.50 £108 C Harle. £108 D&EM Carter. £107.50 W Kirk.

Cast Sheep

£106 W Tindale. £103 £101 JC Simpson. £103 DJ Bailes. £102 H Faulkner. £102 East Mellwaters. £101 JW&J Collin. £100 DSM&AJ Gibson. £100 £99 W&M Knaggs. £99 DA Gill. £99 K Lough. £98 CM Firby.LONGTOWN


COMPANY: Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers` Mart P.L.C

Prime stock







Prime steers to 190.5p for Limousin from Low Hallburn.

Prime heifers to 217.5p for Limousin from Dashwellgreen.

Young bulls to 151.5p for Limousin from Waterhead of Dryfe.

OTM’s to 144.5p for Limousin from Burnside.

Prime hoggs to £108 for Texels from Maidencots and to 233p per kilo for Blackfaces from Easter Dawyck.

Prime lambs to £130 for Texels from Marry Vale and Cardew Hall and 300p per kilo for Texels from Netherplace.

Heavy ewes to £131 for Charollais from Scathill.

Light ewes to £82 for Cheviots from High Frost Hall.

Rams to £190 for Suffolk from Longyester.

Steers Light to 109.5p (109.5p)

Medium to 190.5p (173.3p)

Heavy to 173.5p (167.6p)

Heifers Light to 207.5p (199.2p)

Medium to 217.5p (188.9p)

Heavy to 178.5p (168.5p)

Young bulls 151.5p (141.3p)

Hoggs Light to 177.0p (165.2p)

Standard to 233.0p (192.2p)

Medium to 218.0p (185.7p)

Heavy to 204.0p (180.3p)

Shearling 200.0p (173.2p)

Lambs Light to 272.0p (220.7p)

Standard to 300.0p (240.5p)

Medium to 285.0p (243.2p)

Heavy to 265.0p (246.6p)

Overweight 216.0p (216.3p)

Ewes Light to £82.00 (£61.98)

Heavy to £131.00 (£89.16)

Cast Rams £190.00 (£104.70)


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