Compensation for fracking must be adequate, says CLA

Landowners affected by shale gas fracking must be given assuranes in the light of relaxation of access rights, says the CLA

An anti-fracking protest in West Sussex
An anti-fracking protest in West Sussex

Property owners will need assurances from the Government if it relaxes access rights for shale gas operators, says the CLA in the North.

The Government’s planned move, designed to kick-start the fracking industry, has been widely reported to feature in the Queen’s Speech as part of an Infrastructure Bill.

The Bill is expected to make clear that drilling under private property would not constitute trespass. The CLA is looking for proper consideration to be made to the affected property owners. Regional director Dorothy Fairburn said: “The shale gas industry has consistently claimed that below-surface access rights are a major barrier to the investment and development of fracking because land ownership extends below ground level.

“But property and homeowners must be given assurances over what is happening on and under their land. It is vital that any new system put in place recognises owners’ rights and provides adequate compensation for any losses incurred now or in future.”


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