Top Newcastle architects Faulkner Browns to create Wearside Beacon of Light

Faulkner Browns has been chosen to create a design for the Beacon of Light, based at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland

FaulknerBrowns based in Newcastle are to create the design for the Beacon of Light centre in Sunderland
FaulknerBrowns based in Newcastle are to create the design for the Beacon of Light centre in Sunderland

Tyneside based architect Faulkner Browns has secured the contract to create an iconic design for the Beacon of Light.

The Beacon of Light will be a vibrant and exciting education and sports facility and the first of its kind in the UK, as a permanent base for the Sunderland AFC backed Foundation of Light, which last week gained school status.

The foundation will become the Sunderland Centre of Opportunity, based at the multi-million pound building which will open in 2017.

Faulkner Browns is now aiming to create a building that will both inspire and motivate.

Partner Michael Hall said: “We are absolutely delighted to be involved in this exciting project. It will not only be a new landmark for the North East but provide an innovative new model for the integration of sport, health and education throughout the UK and Europe.

“The location for the proposed Beacon of Light is on a major gateway site next to the Stadium of Light and required an inventive design to maximise the opportunity.”

FaulknerBrowns’ design approach for the Beacon of Light was to stack the indoor football zone on the roof of the education and training facilities.

The lightweight choice of materials for the Beacon also means it can be illuminated at night, turning it into a very literal beacon of hope and light visible across the city.

“The shape of the building is a simple but striking cube. On entering the building on the first floor, users will be presented with a busy street along which the various activities within the building will interconnect. Inspirational zones for education, world of work, health and wellbeing and sport and play will be clearly earmarked and enjoy excellent views into the sports arena,” added Mr Hall.

Former SAFC chairman and chair of trustees of the Foundation of Light, Sir Bob Murray added: “I have no doubt the Beacon of Light will become a building of national importance and international reputation. The building will be leading edge and epitomises the pioneering approach and work of the Foundation.

“The Beacon will make a difference by involving, inspiring and educating a generation of young people and their families. It will touch the lives of thousands of people every week and have a far-reaching impact in the region and beyond.

“FaulknerBrowns have an eminent name and outstanding track record, so we are delighted to have such a strong a renowned team working with us to deliver our vision and to create something very unique and special in the region.”


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