Region 'must promote Brand North East'

The past year has seen many changes in the North East. Tim Evans looks at some key progress and the importance of promoting the region

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Region 'must promote Brand North East'

Writing a year ago, we were hopeful of seeing a brand for our wonderful region in order that we could showcase the North East as “one” on the global inward investment stage.

Much has been achieved in the past year and nothing more important than the agreement to form a combined Authority, currently known as LA7. Seven local authorities, from the banks of the Tweed to the southern edge of County Durham are combined on key initiatives.

We look forward to the branding initiatives for our region in order that we can compete attract new investment with a focus of creating new jobs for our region.

There is much to be proud of in terms of being one of the UK’s only net exporters and Nissan, along with other famous brands within the region, continues to grow from strength to strength. These world-class brands were recently joined by the Japanese conglomerate Hitachi, forming a Centre of Excellence for train manufacturing in Europe.

The North East’s Local Enterprise Partnership together with LA7 have the opportunity to deliver more than £450m worth of projects across the North East up until 2020. This is an exciting opportunity and now coupled with a distinct improvement in the economy can make a real difference to our region, particularly in terms of business growth and more and better jobs.

We feel the region is in the seamless way that the private sector and public sector work as one for the greater good of the region.

The private sector lobby groups, including G9 and Developing Consensus, are here to support these initiatives and we are all here to support the brand as a platform to attract global inward investment which is key to our region’s success.

From a property perspective, we have a great offer with city centre flagship buildings like Wellbar Central, the Rocket currently under construction in the Stephenson Quarter and Quorum Business Park, where already 5,000 jobs have been created and the ability to create another 4,000 jobs in cutting-edge buildings that are immediately available for occupation.

Offices are a key element for growth in the region with Doxford International home to over 10,000 jobs and Cobalt likewise, with the capacity to create even more jobs.

With the Local Enterprise Partnership and LA7, there is great team approach and with the support from the private sector, all will strive to make the new brand when revealed, best in class and recognised globally.

The brand is essential to promote our immense strengths as “one” which in essence, is captured in the “passion” of our region to work hard, be innovative and deliver success.

Tim Evans partner in charge, Knight Frank


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