Carlisle Mart: June 16

At Borderway Mart Carlisle, on Monday, June 16. Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. Once again a large show of 372 cast cows bulls and prime cattle were forward

Beef cattle
Beef cattle


At Borderway Mart Carlisle, on Monday, June 16. Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of Primestock. Once again a large show of 372 cast cows bulls and prime cattle were forward.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – An ever increasing number of 238 cast cows were forward on a red hot summer day with 25 buyers ensuring a trade as hot as the weather and vendors going away highly delighted. Messrs Grainger & Son of Mirefold Farm, Bedale sold four outstanding cows to average 761kg 176ppk £1343 which topped at 785kg 197.5ppk £1550 for British Blue cow and purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Other cows from the same home, sold to 177.5ppk for a British Blue cross and 173.5ppk for a Limousin purchased by Picstocks Ltd and Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Murray & Sons of Prior House run of outstanding cows sold to a top of 889kg 156.5ppk or £1391 and ere purchase by Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Murray & Sons also sold a British Blue cross cow for 172.5ppk again to Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Marrs & Sons of Croft Farm sold the top priced Black and White cow selling for 655kg, 151.5ppk or £992 to Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs James Retson & Son of Gardrum sold the top priced British Blue stock bull selling for 1145kg, 151.5ppk or £1734 and was purchased by Picstocks Ltd.

Leading price per head: British Blue £1734 (stock bull) Gardrum, £1550, £1364 Mirefold Farm, £1391, £1329, £1218, £1157, £1152 Prior House, £1290 Stichill Home Farm, £1087 Ladyhousesteads, £1079 Ryecastle, £1067 Barker House, £1038 Petteril Bank Farm, £1029 Beech Bank, Limousin £1330, £1128 Mirefold Farm, £1268, £1227 Little Orton Farm, £1226, £1133 Elm Tree, £1160, £1058, £1041, £1037 Prior House, £1086 Ladyhousesteads, £1060 Lamonby House, £1047, £1018 Beech Bank, £1010 High House, £1010 Barker House, Staberliser £1214 Nunfield Farm, Whitebred Shorthorn £1053 Ireby Hall Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1053 Bridge End, British Blue £992, £956, £921 Croft Farm, Holstein Friesian £936 Orton Grange Farm, £928 Crookdake Hall, £919, £911 Brownrigg Hall Farm, £907 Preston Hall Farm, £907 Justicetown Farm, £868 Walby Hall, £867 Upper Barr, £851 Netherfield Farm, Holstein £894, £892 Crummock Bank Farm, £885 Upper Barr, £885 Cote House Farm, £875 Netherfield Farm.

Leading price per kilo: British Blue 197.5p, 177.5p Mirefold Farm, 172.5p, 158.5p, 156.5p Prior House, 163.5p Summerhill Farm, 162.5p Ladyhousesteads, Limousin 173.5p, 155.5p Mirefold Farm, 162.5p Great Asby, 161.5p Sarkshields Farm, 160.5p Elm Tree, 159.5p Little Orton Farm, 155.5p Thornton Towers, 154.5p Ryecastle, 154.5p Beech Bank, 153.5p Ladyhousteads, 151.5p High House, Staberliser 158.5p Nunfield Farm, British Friesian 151.5p, 143.5p, 141.5p Croft Farm, 131.5p, 123.5p Pond Farm, 128.5p East Cliff Farm, 122.5p Wham Head Farm, Aberdeen Angus 139.5p Bridge End, 131.5p Manor Farm, Whitebred Shorthorn 139.5p Ireby Hall Farm, Simmental 136.5p Greenburn, Blue Grey 132.5p Nutholm Farm, Holstein 132.5p Cote House Farm, 125.5p, 122.5p Crummock Bank Farm, 120.5p Errolston Farm, Holstein Friesian 128.5p, 125.5p Preston Hall Farm, 127.5p Low Row Scales, 123.5p, 120.5p Brownrigg Hall Farm, 122.5p Crookdake Hall, 120.5p Cote House Farm, Montbelliarde 125.5p Headley West Riding, Dairy Shorthorn 124.5p East Cliff Farm, Hereford 122.5p Hagg, Ayrshire 122.5p Mirkbooths.

Prime Cattle – A smaller entry of 48 prime cattle forward and were slightly sharper trade on the week. A marvellous show of cattle were presented to the ring side of twelve active buyers. Top overall was weekly vendor Mr David Anderson of Crosby House, Maryport achieving £1450.90 for a Limousin cross this same vendor achieved top pence per kilo in the steer section of 208.5ppk for a Blonde. Top overall heifer was a superb Limousin cross from Messrs Cleacby of linden House, Penrith achieving £1436.81, all of the above was purchased by Pioneer foods, Carlisle.  Top pence per kilo heifer came from Messrs Dodd of West View, penrith selling their Limousin cross achieving 215.5ppk and was purchased by Mulholland, The Butchers Shop, Great Orton.

Leading price per head: Steers: Limousin £1450, £1352, £1328, £1319 Crosby House Farm, £1419 Down Hall, £1414, £1341 Thackmire, £1381 North Dyke Farm, £1330, £1315 Greenhill Farm, Blonde £1386 Crosby House Farm, £1318 Bothel Parks, British Blue £1384 Crosby House Farm, £1362 Elm house, £1329 Bothel Parks, £1320 High Knells Farm.

Heifers: Limousin £1436, £1127 Linden House, £1357 West View, £1317 Stainburn House Farm, £1264 North Dyke Farm, Bazadaise £1157 Church Farm, Charolais £1107, £1065 Townfoot Farm.

Leading price per kilo: Steers: Steers: Blonde 208.5p Cosby House Farm, 199.5p Bothel Parks, British Blue 207.5p Crosby House Farm, 205.5p Bothel Parks, 197.5p Elm House, 192.5p Briggle Farm, Limousin 205.5p, 203.5p, 192.5p Crosby House Farm, 204.5p Bothel Parks, 201.5p, 199.5p Greenhill Farm, 199.5p, 193.5p High Knells Farm, 193.5p Down Hall.

Heifers: Limousin 215.5p West View, 196.5p Linden House, Bazadaise 194.5p Church Farm, Simmental 192.5p Oakwood Farm.

Prime Bulls – A slightly larger show of 86 prime bulls were forward and sold at a similar trade; looking sharper if anything. Top overall was a Limousin cross bull from Messrs Jenkinson of Lowergate Farm, Penrith selling to £1468.63 top pence per kilo was 196.50p/kg from Messrs Cleasby of Linden House, Penrith for for this Limousin cross. Finally Black and Whites peaked at £1084.43 from Messrs Taylor of High Whinnow Farm, Wigton and top pence per kilo was 154.50p/kg from Messrs Preston of Wed Holme House Farm, Wigton for a Friesian. More could have been sold.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1468 Lowergate Farm, £1466 West View, £1399, £1295, £1173, £1115 Linden House, £1273 Lowergate Farm, £1256, £1107 Westgarth Hill, Charolais £1264.55 Linden House, British Blue £1136 Briggle Farm, £994, £955.71 Justicetown Farm, Montbelliarde £1101, £982 Barrow Ling Farm, Hereford £1094 Dinwoodie Green Farm, Holstein Friesian £1084, £1003, £977, £933 High Whinnow Farm, £907, £902.50 Durdar House, Holstein £880 Petteril Bank Farm, British Friesian £877 Croft House.

Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 196.50p, 191.50p, 188.50p Linden House, 193.50p West View, 184.50p, 182.50p Wallhead, 189.50p Lowergate Farm, British Blue 182.50p Briggle Farm, British Friesian 154.50p, 148.50p Wed Holme House, 139.50p, 146.50p Croft House, 137.50p Braithwaite Hall, Montbelliarde 153.50p, 151.50p, 146.50p Barrow Ling Farm, Hereford 152.50p Dinwoodie Green Farm, Holstein 146.50p Blackrigg, 139.50p Whitesyke Cottage, 136.50p Durdar House, Holstein Friesian 143.50p, 142.50p(x2), 141.50p, 139.50p, 136.50p(x2) High Whinnow Farm, 142.50p Blackrigg, 136.50p Walby Hall, 141.50p Whitesyke Cottage, 137.50p Whiteclose Rigg.

Prime Sheep – An entry of 1263 lambs, 35 hoggs and 159 cast sheep were forward. Prime lamb numbers were not as high as expected with several customers taking advantage of the weather however a pleasing entry nether the less. The sale levelled out at 233.45p/kg which is still £95.72 per head, with a high number of first class lambs in the market. Topping the sale at £145 were truly outstanding pair of Texel cross lambs shown by Messrs Hewitt & Son of Cardewlees weighing 48.5kg, they sold to Mr Steven Wilson, The Butchers Shop, Corby Hill; these were also the top price per kilo at 299p/kg, Texel cross lambs from the home sold to 288.1p this was for a pen of 39.5kg lambs which sold at £113.80 to Mr Andrew Dawson. A small sample of hogs met a good demand selling to £94.80 for Texel cross from Messrs Mark of Sunnygill. Ewes were again very dear topping at £115.50 for Texels from Seymour Farms.

Prime Lambs – Leading prices per head: Texel £145 Cardewlees, £129.80, £128.80 Crookholm Farm, £120.80 Wavercroft, £119.80, £111.80, £110.80, £106.80 Blue Dial Farm, £116.80, £110.80 Scales Hall, £116.50, £113.80, £111.80 Cardewlees, £115.80, £112.80 Wreay Hall, £115.80, £108.30 Aspatria Hall, £113.80, £110.80(x2) Wavercroft, £113.80 Boggle Hall, £112.80 Stubbsgill Farm, £112 Burgh Head Farm, £110 Crookholm Farm, £109.80, £105.80 Seymour House, £108.80 Greyside Farm, £107.80, £106.30 Old Rectory, £106.80 New Bampton Farm, £106.80 Bank House, Millenium Bleu £124.80 High Hesket, £101.80, £100(x2) Kiln Close Farm, Suffolk £123.80 Low Moorhouse Farm, £120 East Cliff Farm, £116.80 Corrie Field, £115.30 White House, £114.80, £100 Shaw Wood, £114.80, £111.80 Burgh Head Farm, £111.50, £104.80, £103.30, £101.80, £100, £96.30 Wreay Hall, £108.80 Greyside Farm, £106.80 Scales Hall, £100, £98.30, £96.30 Seymour House, £100 Scotby Road, £99.80 Jackson Rigg, £99.30, £98.80, £95.80 Greyside Farm, £98.30 Cumdivock House, £96.80 The Beeches, £95.80 Albyfield, Beltex £120, £113.80, £100 Seymour House, £106.80(x2) Nether Dargavel, £104.80, £102.30(x3), £101.50 The Square, £102.30 Greyside Farm, Zwartbles £114.30 Blue Dial Farm, Bleu D Maine £108.80 Kiln Close Farm, Charollais £99.80, £92.30 Low Buildings, £95.80 Dunnabie House, Leicester £75.80 Burgh Head Farm.

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 299p, 288.10p, 265.30p, 245.70p Cardewlees, 272p, 270.90p, 252.70p Greyside Farm, 268.30p, 264.90p, 251.90p 245.90p, 244.50p Crookholm Farm, 258p, 249.50p Seymour House, 257.90p, 255.10p, 250p Aspatria Hall, 254.70p Low Buildings, 254.70p Town Head Farm, 251.50p Ghyll House Farm, 250.80p Haythwaite Lane Farm, 249.50p Dunnabie House, 249 Wavercroft, 249p Burgh Head Farm, 248.80p, 245.30p Corrie Field, 247.90p, 246.90p Cardewlees, 246.80p Town Head Farm, 246.20p Blue Dial Farm, 246p Cowranside Farm, Beltex 269.20p, 263.30p Greyside Farm, 268.70p, 262.30p, 259p, 257p, 255.80p The Square, 260.90p, 258.60p Seymour House, 254.30p, 251.30p Nether Dargavel, 253.50p Old Rectory, Millenium Bleu 244.70p Ricora, 239.80p, 238.10p, 236.70p Kiln Close Farm, Suffolk 244.20p Ghyll House Farm, 241.80p Greyside Farm, 240.20p White House, 239.80p, 236.70p Wreay Hall, 239.50p Albyfield, 238.40p Corrie Field, 234.60p Stockholm Farm, 234p Cumdivock House, 233.70p, 232.50p Greyside Farm, 233.60p Low Moorhouse Farm, 232.60p, 232p Seymour House, 230.50p Stockholm Farm, Charollais 242.90p, 237.60p Low Buildings, Zwartbles 238.10p Bleu Dial Farm, Bleu D Maine 236.50p Kiln Close Farm.

Prime Hoggs – Leading prices per head: Texel £94.80 Sunny Gill Farm, £86.80, £82.80 Shank Castle, £80.80 Sunny Gill Farm, £80 Low Buildings.

Ewes: Leading prices per head: Ewes: Texel £115.50, £103.50 (x2) Seymour House, £99.50, £95.50 (x2) Wavercoft, £99.50 Hayclose, £95.50 Blue Dial Farm, £95.50, £93.50 Mosshill, £95 Cardewlees, £93.50 Sunny Gill Farm, £93.50 Upper Brydekirk, £89.50 Sunny Gill Farm, £89.50, £83.50 Crookholm Farm, £88.50 Corrie Field, £87.50 Woodhall Farm, £83.50 Albyfield, £81.50 (x2) Shank Castle, Beltex £104.50, £83.50 Sunny Gill Farm, Suffolk £99.50, £97.50, £85.50 Seymour House, £97.50, £84.50 Woodhall Farm, £95.50, £91.50 Wavercroft, £95.50 Hayclose, Leicester £93.50 Woodhall Farm, Hill Cheviot £79.50, £73.50 Terrona, £73.50 Sunny Gill Farm, Greyfaced £87.50 Clea Hall, £79.50, £71.50 Wavercroft, £77.50 Seymour House, £73.50, £70.50 Boggle Hall, £73.50 Mosshill, £72.50 Hayclose, Zwartbles £79.50 Wetheral Shields, Swaledale £67.50 Newton Gate, £61.50 The Beeches.

Rams leading prices per head: Suffolk £97.50 Upper Brydekirk, Texel £93.50 Kiln Close Farm.


On Monday, June 16, at Borderway Mart, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of breeding ewes and lambs.

A larger show of ewes and lambs were forward, whereby trade remained as dear as ever. With a top call of £74 from Messrs J Egan of Ghyllside House, Cockermouth for a consignment of Texel shearlings with lambs at foot.

Shearling gimmers with lambs at foot: Texel £74 Ghyllside House

Hoggs with lambs at foot: Texel £73 (x2), £65 Ghyllside House

Ewes with lambs at foot: Texel £66, £61Lynecrook


On Monday, June 16, Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of crop.

Mini hestons of Wheat straw sold to £82 and £80 per bale. A mixed load of mini hestons of Wheat and Barley straw sold to £81 per bale and finally round bales of Barley sold to £91 per bale.


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