Carlisle Mart: January 13

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock. Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A larger show of 225 were presented to an ever increasing ring side of 20 buyers ensuring that all classes were very dear

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock. Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A larger show of 225 were presented to an ever increasing ring side of 20 buyers ensuring that all classes were very dear. Messrs Armstrong of High Tarns Farm sold the top priced British Blue cow sold for 806kg 231.5p £1865 purchased by Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Nichol of Lawston Farm sold a Limousin cross cow for 213.5p bought by Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Johnson of West Wharmley run of cows topped at 205.5p for a Limousin cross and 204.5p for a British Blue cross purchased by Mr Les Fell and Geoff Little. Messrs Fawcett of Silver How Farm well fleshed cows topped at 202.5p to Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Glendinning of Bridge End sold the top priced Holstein cross heifer selling for 779kg 167.5p £1304 to Mr Les Fell. Mr Peter Vasey of Holme House sold the top priced Charolais cow selling for 1080kg 152.5p £1647 to Mr John Robertson. Bays Leap Dairy Farm cows topped at 870kg 124.5p £1083 to Mr Shaun McGimpsey.

Leading Prices (price per head): British Blue £1865 High Tarns Farm, £1327 West Wharmley, Charolais £1647 Holme House, £1549 South Farm, Limousin £1495, £1400 Upper Brydekirk, £1488, £1308, £1276 Silver How Farm, £1413 West Wharmley, £1374 Lawston Farm, £1307 Hunters Hall, Blonde £1489 Lesson Hall Farm, £1256 Jubilee Buildings, Aberdeen Angus £1323 Broathill, Holstein £1304 Bridge End, £968, £912 Harrington Ling Farm, £962 Justicetown Farm, £935 Wood Farm, £917 Bays Leap Farm, Holstein Friesian £1146 Guillielands Farm, £1083, £1033, £982, £939 Bays Leap Farm, £1037 Aikton House, £1026 Balladoyle Farm, £1023 Hillhead, £1008 Red Wood House, £986 Low House Farm, £972 Tarn Hill, British Friesian £969 Cardew Hall. Leading Prices (price per kilo): British Blue 231.50p High Tarns Farm, 204.50p West Wharmley, 136.50p Haas Grove Farm, Limousin 213.50p Lawston Farm, 205.50p West Wharmley, 202.50p, 187.50p(x2) Silver How Farm, 189.50p, 187.50p Upper Brydekirk, 178.50p, 173.50p Hudscales, Holstein Friesian 182.50p Guillelands Farm, 148.50p, 133.50p Tarn Hill, 137.50p Coombe Crag, 132.50p Aikton House, 127.50p Low House Farm, 124.50p Bays Leap Farm, 123.50p Girthhead, 120.50p East Scales, 119.50p South Lambhill, 119.50p Threapland Lees, Charolais 167.50p South Farm, 152.50p Holme House, 147.50 High Aketon, Holstein 167.50p Bridge End, 139.50p, 138.50p Broathill, 126.50p, 118.50p Harrington Ling Farm, 121.50p Justicetown Farm, 119.50p South Lambhill, 117.50p Bays Leap Farm, 115.50p Seymour House, Blonde 147.50p, 142.50p Jubilee Buildings, 143.50p Lesson Hall Farm, British Friesian 143.50p Grain Head, 119.50p Groundy Croft, 117.50p Lowther Low Moor, Aberdeen Angus 141.50p Broathill, 137.50p Bankend, Meuse Rhine Isel 125.50p Sneck Yeat, Montbelliarde 117.50p Lowther Low Moor, Ayrshire 115.50p Whitehead Hill Farm.

Prime Cattle – Another large show of 58 prime cattle forward at the weekly sale. Top overall price came from Messrs Dixon of Low Whinnow Farm, Thursby, Wigton selling a Limousin cross steer achieving £1645.37 as well as receiving top pence per kilo of 239.50p/kg purchased by Pioneer Foods. Top overall heifer was again a Limousin cross selling to £1479.46 from Messrs Cleasby of Linden House, Temple Sowerby purchased by Mullholland Buthers Shop, Great Orton and top pence per kilo was a Limousin from Messrs Dixon of Low Whinnow selling his heifer to 227.50p/kg purchased by Pioneer Foods.

Leading Prices (price per head): Steers: Limousin £1645, £1440 Low Whinnow Farm, £1537, £1419 High Knells Farm, £1501, £1468 Jackson Rigg, £1439 North Netherscales Farm, Bazadaise £1521 Church Farm, £1471, £1444 Gelt Hall Farm, British Blue £1430 North Netherscales Farm, £1356 Durdar Farm, British Friesian £1316 Gelt Hall Farm, Holstein £1094, £1043 Gift Hall Farm. Heifers: Limousin £1479, £1417, £1409, £1387 Linden House, £1458 Low Whinnow Farm, Bazadaise £1346 Church Farm. Leading Prices (price per kilo): Steers: Limousin 239.50p, 236.50p, 235.50p Low Whinnow Farm, 212.50p, 211.50p(x2) Jackson Rigg, 211.50p High Knells Farm, Bazadaise 235.50p Church Farm, British Friesian 174.50p, 170.50p, 169.50p, 163.50p Gift Hall Farm, Holstein 170.50p Gift Hall Farm. Heifers: Limousin 227.50p Low Whinnow Farm, 226.50p, 224.50p, 219.50p, 215.50p, 208.50p Linden House, 220.50p Bowscale Farm, 205.50p Kelbarrow, Bazadaise 221.50p Church Farm, British Blue 204.50p Windy Nook, Holstein Friesian 151.50p Riggheads.

Prime Bulls – 110 prime bulls were forward and sold to less money on the week mainly for plainer bulls. Top overall bull was a Limousin from Messrs Nixon of Hunters Hall, Abbeytown selling to £1691.24 which also achieved top pence per kilo of 220.50p received twice for two Limousins from this same good home. Black and Whites topped at £1082.37 for Messrs Moscrop and Waugh of Albyfield, Heads Nook and top pence per kilo was 175.5p from Messrs Addison of Greystones House, Kings Meaburn. A very poor show was presented and more well fleshed bulls are required.

Leading prices per head: Limousin £1691, £1552 Hunters Hall, £1420 Low Griseburn, £1418 Howgillside, £1411 Limekilns Farm, £1384 Scales Hall, £1290 Low Farm, £1216 Lowergate Farm, Charolais £1476 Holme House, Aberdeen Angus £1342 Gretna House, British Blue £1247 Stybeck Farm, £1223, £1196 Oakwood Farm, £1124 Justicetown Farm, £1102 Lowergate Farm, Simmental £1154, £1151 Castlewigg Farm, £1117 Chapel House, British Friesian £1082 Albyfield, £1070, £1043 The Flatt, £1016 Dinwoodie Green Farm, £1011, £1004 Cardew Hall, Holstein Friesian £1055 Lonning Farm, £1048 Wood Farm, Blonde £1019 Peel Flatt Farm, Brown Swiss £1006 Justicetown Farm. Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 220.50p(x2) Hunters Hall, 217.50p Low Griseburn, 210.50p, 207.50p Howgillside, 195.50p Low Farm, British Blue 211.50p Stybeck Farm, 203.50p, 195.50p Oakwood Farm, 195.50p Justicetown Farm, Charolais 198.50p Holme House, Simmental 188.50p, 184.50p, 182.50p Castlewigg Farm, Aberdeen Angus 182.50p Oakwood Farm, Montbellairde 175.50p Greystone House, British Friesian 173.50p Dinwoodie Green Farm, 167.50p, 166.50p The Flatt, 165.50p Albyfield, 161.50p The Flatt, 159.50p(x2) Cardew Hall, Blonde 172.50p Peel Flatt Farm, Holstein 172.50p Justicetown Farm, Holstein Friesian 166.50p, 162.50p Lonning Farm, 162.50p Mirkbooths, 161.50p, 160.50p Beech House, 157.50p Wood Farm, 157.50p Old Town Farm, Brown Swiss 165.50p Justicetown Farm.

Prime Hoggs – A smaller show of hoggs were forward at the weekly sale, whereby trade sold less on the week to average 183p/kg. Demand for export weight hoggs were high resulting in an SQQ average of 192ppk. Top overall price per head went to Messrs Priestly of Cracrop Farm with an outstanding Texel lamb selling to £101, which also achieved the top price per kilo of 265p/kg purchased by Vivers Scot Lamb Ltd. Leading prices per head: Texel £100.80, £91.80 Cracrop Farm, £99.80 Prior House, £99.30, £98.30, £92.80 Basco Dyke, £94.80 The Square, £93.80 Reddings, £93.80 West Moorhouses, £93.80 Burn House, £93.30 Nether Ernambrie Farm, Beltex £98.80, £95.80, £94.80, £90 Prior House, £97.80, £94.80, £93.80 Glenmaid, 89.80 Steeley Farm, £89.80 Waterside Farm, Dutch Texel £97.80, £95.80, £89.80 (x2), £83.80 Low Fauld, Rouge £89.80 Prior House, Charollais £83.80, £76.80 Outer Woodhead, £78 Northrigg Hill, Suffolk £79 Outer Woodhead, £78.80, £76 Midtown, Kerry Hill £70.80 Tedcastle Farm

Leading prices per kilo: Texel 265.3p Cracrop Farm, 256.6p, 230.3p Flimby Hall Farm, 228.8p Reddings, 228.4p Pinegrove, 226p West Moorhouses, 226p Burn House, 225.9p, 224.8p Nether Ernambrie Farm, 221.2p Lough Green, 220.80 Watercroft, Beltex 260p, 228.1p, 215.5p Prior House, 257.4p, 249.5p, 246.8p Glenmaid, 235.1p Bank House, 233.2p, 210.2p Steeley Farm, 233.2p, 214.5p Waterside Farm, Dutch Texel 258.9p, 250.8p, 233.2p, 230.3p Low Fauld, Rouge 204.1p Prior House, Charolais 187.3p, 185.9p, 183.8p, 178.1p Outer Woodhead, Suffolk 183p Maulscastle, 175.6p Outer Woodhead, Greyfaced 166.2p, 157.2p, 150.7p Branch End Farm, 155.9p Low Fauld, Kerry Hill 160.9p Tedcastle Farm.

Ewes - Leading prices per kilo: Texel £90.50 Low Ardley, £87.50, £75.50 The Square, £85.50 Low Fauld, £83.50, £77.50 Hunley Farm, £7850 Springfield Farm, Leicester £77.50 Wood Hall, Beltex £70.50 Maulscastle, Suffolk £69.50, £68.50 Williamwood, Greyfaced £65.50 Newlands Farm, £55.50 (x2) Low Ardley, Zwartble £63.50 Springfield Farm, Kerry Hill £51.50 Tedcastle Farm, Cheviot Mule £50.50 Westgarth Hill, Dorset £50 Springfield Farm, Blackfaced £53.50 Penpugh, Hill Cheviot £49.50 Westgarth Hill, Swaledale £30.50 Raygarth Field Farm, £29.50 New Sandfield, Jacob £30 Romanway


Harrison & Hetherington’s weekly sale of store sheep saw a good show of 342 lambs forward which met a high demand. Top call of the day was £76 from Messrs Robinson, Lowfield House, Wigton for a pen of Beltex lambs. All types of lambs were good to sell. There was also a good show of ewes forward with a top of £225 for a pen of Beltex ewes from Mrs M Dunlop, Corstane, Broughton, Lanarkshire

Leading Prices: Store Lambs: Texel £76, £70.50 Lowfield House, £69, £68, £63.50 Glen Hush, £64 Burthwaite, £63.50 The Barns, £63.50 Lamonby House, £63.50 Fellside Farm, £61 Springfield Farm, Suffolk £69.50 Burthwaite, £62, £50 Fellside Farm, Beltex £68, £67, £64, £57 Littletown Farm, Greyfaced £61 Fellside Farm, £60.50, £60 Burthwaite, £57.50 Wood Hall, £55.50 Fell View Farm, £53.50 Newton Gate, £52 Southernby Hall, Jacob £53, £42.50 Ellonby Road, Herdwick £50 Tenter Hill, Swaledale £41 The Barns, £40 Wood Hall, £38, £32.50 Fellside Farm, £35.50 Newton Gate, £35.50 Fell View Farm. Breeding Sheep: Beltex £225, £215 Corstane, Texel £205, £200 Fitz Farm, £138 Hesket Demain, £102, £100 (x2), £85 Little Musgrave Farm, Greyfaced £135 Laverock Bridge, £110 Little Musgrave Farm, North Country Cheviot £95 Newtown.


Mini hestons of wheat straw sold at £77 and £76 per tonne and round bales at £17 and £15 per bale. Round bales of barley straw sold to a top of £24 per bale and also £23 and £20. Hay sold to £24, haylage at £22 and silage at £16 all per round bale.


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