Carlisle Auction Mart: April 14

A good show of 203 cast cows were presented to a good ring side of buyers ensuring all classes were dearer on the week

Beef Shorthorn cows with their spring-born three month old calves
Beef Shorthorn cows with their spring-born three month old calves


April 14

Harrison & Hetherington held their weekly sale of primestock.

Cast Cows & OTM Cattle – A good show of 203 cast cows were presented to a good ring side of buyers ensuring all classes were dearer on the week. Messrs Cornthwaite of Balgray Hill run of cows topped at 711kg and sold to 173ppk or £1233.59 for a Limousin cross and was purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Bradley of Northrigg Hill sold two Blonde cows to 166.5ppk and both purchased by Pickstock. Messrs Fawcett of Silver How Farm cows topped at 165.5ppk and were purchased by Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Charlton of Crown Point Farm sold the top priced British Blue Cross cow to 163.5ppk and was purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick.

Messrs Bainbridge & Son of Parkhouse sold the top priced Montbeliarde cross cow selling to 141.5ppk and purchased by Mr Les Fell. Messrs Sharp of Wolsty Hall sold the top priced Holstein cross cow selling to 139.5ppk purchased by Mr Shaun McGimpsey. Messrs Musgrave & Sons of Cardew Hall sold the top overall priced Holstein cross selling to 951kg, 119.5ppk or £1136 and purchased by Mr Charles Kirkpatrick. Messrs Stobart or Croglin High Hall sold the top priced British Blue stock bull for 845kg and sold to 153.5ppk or £1450 and purchased by Pickstock.

Leading prices (price per head): British Blue £1450.58 Croglin High Hall, £1070.93 Crown Point Farm, Limousin £1349.63 Dinwoodie Green Farm, £1259.30 Woodfoot, £1233.59 Balgray Hill, £1222.24, £1135.33, £1107.09 Silver How Farm, £1105.74 Kelbarrow, £1104.61 Midtown Farm, £1090.38 Carlatton Mill, £1076.04 Cracrop Farm, Aberdeen Angus £1254.89 Campfield Farm, Holstein £1136.45, £1012.39, £940.17 Howrigg Farm, £1037.89, £1002.28 Ribton House, £1029.86 Broathill, £1025.12 Town Head Farm, £901.Crownstone Farm, Holstein Friesian £1054.62 Lonning Farm, £998.80, £944.63 Hurkledale Farm, £980, £943.54, £909.54 Arbrack, £959 Tempest Tower, £936.77 Ribton House, £926.25 Geltside Farm, £908.28 Street Head, £901.79 Woodhouse, Blonde £1066.41 Northrigg Hill, Montbeliarde £933.57 Beeches, £930.02 Moor Park Farm, British Friesian £916.37 Park House, Jersey £863.99 Hurkledale Farm.

Leading prices (price per kilo): Limousin 173.5p, 15Prime Cattle – A good entry of 43 prime cattle, whereby quality was well sort of requirements; despite this all classes sold dearer on the week. More good quality sorts are required. Top overall was a Limousin cross steer from Messrs Faulder of Houghton House, Carlisle selling to £1571.02 also achieving top pence per kilo of 218.50ppk purchased by Pioneer Foods. Heifers peaked at £1449.65 for a Bazadaise from Messrs Robinson of Gelt Hall, Castle Carrock purchased by Pioneer Foods.

Leading price per kilo: Steers: Limousin 218.50p, 216.50p Houghton House, 215.50p, 208.50 High Knells Farm, British Blue 183.50p Jackson Rigg, Aberdeen Angus 175.50p Windy Nook, British Friesian 163.50p Gelt Hall Farm. Heifers: Limousin 206.5p Seymour House.

Prime Bulls – A smaller entry of 58 prime bulls were present with all classes selling dearer on the week, with the days overall top of £1450.10 achieved for a British Blue cross from Messrs Teasdale of Halefield Farm, Kirkby Thore. Top pence per kilo was a Limousin from Messrs Cornthwaite of Balgray Hill, Lockerbie topping at 217.5ppk. A better show of dairy bred bulls were forward with a top of 168.5ppk from Messrs Wainwright of Castle Farm, Low Hesket and overall was from Messrs Musgrave of Cardew Hall, Dalson, topping at £1097.42.

Leading prices per head: British Blue £1450.10, £1388.73, £1157.60 Halefield Farm, £1099.35, £1040.02 White Hill Farm, £1076.67 Justicetown Farm, Limousin £1443.99, £1417.46 Allerby Hall, £1410.47 Westgarth Hill, £1398.05 Upper Brydekirk, £1336.51 Balgray Hill, Bazadaise £1404.78 Gelt Hall Farm, Galloway £1157.05 Balgray Hill, British Friesian £1097.42, £965.66 Cardew Hall, £963.13 Whitehead Hill Farm, £926.70 Albyfield, Montbeliarde £1010.03 Beeches, £1004.26, £919.67 Castle Farm, Brown Swiss £989.08 Justicetown Farm, Aberdeen Angus £973.85 Castle Farm, £972.24 New houses Farm, Holstein Friesian £933 Mirkbooths, Ayrshire £906.02 Durdar House.

Prime Lambs – A good entry of 40 prime lambs met a fantastic enquiry especially for younger sorts, the sale average £109.38 and topped at £121.80 for a Suffolk lamb shown by Mrs Annie Hutchon of Maulscastle, Dumfries and purchased by Mr Jim Mulholland, Butchers, Great Orton. Top price per kilo was 290.4ppk paid for a pair of Suffolk lambs scaling 38.5kg and sold to £111.80 consigned by Messrs A & CL Bell ow Woodhall Farm, Hexham and were purchased by Bowood Yorkshire Lamb. Leading prices per head: Suffolk £121.80, £118.80 Maulscasle, £120, £119.80, 3117.80, £116.80, £114.80 Beechgrove, £118.80, 3115.80 Rosebank, £114.80 Mid Upper Priestside, 3112.80 Calfpark, Texel £117.80, £114.80, £109.80 Old Rectory, Beltex £110.80, £100.80 Wasdale Head Hall Farm, Zwartbles £88.80, £86.80 Wetheral Shields, £87.50, £81.80 Viewfields.

Ewes – Ewes remaind in high demand for all types selling to a top of £121.50 for Texels from Newton, plainer sorts to extreme rates. Leading prices per head: Texel £121.50, £105.50 Newtown, £115.50 East View Farm, £113.50, £99.50 (x2) Nunfield Farm, £111.50, £94.50 The Square, £105.80 Chalk Lodge, £105.50 Garthfolds, £99.50 Hunley Farm, Suffolk £115.50 Rosebank, £103.50, £91.50 West Cocklaw, £91.50 Woodhall Farm, Bluefaced Leicester £97.50, £91.50, £85.50 West Cocklaw, Zwartbles £93.50 Viewfields, Greyfaced £91.50, £81.50, £84.50 Park House Farm, Dorset £85.50 Wasdale Head Hall Farm, Swaledale £61.50 Woodhall Farm, Goat £37 Newton Gate.


The weekly sale of breeding sheep saw a mixed quality show of ewes and lambs, with quality seeing the optimum prices. The days top was £118 from Messrs Horsley of Woodhouse with a ¾ Texel ewe with a superb Beltex lamb at foot.

Mule ewes with lambs saw a similar trade to previous weeks, topping at £73 for a pen of shearlings from Messrs Atkinson of Green Farm.

Ewes with lambs at foot: Texel £118, £87, £80, £76 Woodhouse, £86 (x2) Lesson Hall, £67 Edge, £67, 360 (x2) Croft House, £63, £62 (x2) Wydon Farm, £60.50, £57 Melbourne House, Greyfaced £72 Green Farm, 355 Croft House, 353 Edge, £50 Penninie View, £50 Wallhead, £48.50 Newbigging, £48 Ribton House, Dorset £69 Broomfield Farm, Suffolk £62 Edge, 359.50 Croft House, £56 Broomfield Farm, Jacob £50.50, £49 Bromfield Farm

Shearling gimmers with lambs at foot: Greyfaced £73 Green Farm, £54, £53.50 Croft House, Suffolk £64 Broomfield Farm.


Mini heston bales of wheat sold to £91 per tonne and round bales sold to £85 per tonne and Mini heston bales of oat and barley straw sold to £87 per tonne.


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