Zebra Internet Services helps firms get to grips with domains

Newcastle-based Zebra Internet Services launches new division aimed a tackling the threat of 'cyber squatters'

Zebra Internet Service
Zebra Internet Service

Newcastle-based Zebra Internet Services has launched a new specialised division, aimed at helping organisations protect their internet presence and digital assets.

The Domain Portfolio Management division has been specifically tailored in response to demand from business owners alarmed at the news that an increasing number of companies have lost vital web domain names thanks to so-called “cyber squatters”.

Businesses whose operations depend on their online presence are at most risk, Zebra’s domain portfolio manager, Andrew Carter, warned.

“The humble domain name is the unique identifier which underpins any website or email account,” he said.

“However, many business owners do not know who their domain names are registered with, when renewal is due or even if the registration details are correct.

“If renewal is overlooked, or registration details are incorrect, then it can be snapped up by cyber squatters – as with Apple’s iPad.com registration – or simply cause websites and email accounts to disappear, as occurred with Clydesdale Bank in August 2013.

“Losing control over a domain name is not unusual and something we have helped our clients resolve over the past 15 years in the internet business. In general, people just don’t realise the drawback they will face if they don’t ensure that they pay attention to this detail.”

The division is expected to double in size within a year, providing jobs and training opportunities.


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