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World's first 3D website is pioneered in region

THE 3D specialists at Sunderland’s Stereografix have devised the world’s first 3D website.

Saif Chaudhry Stereografix
Saif Chaudhry Stereografix

THE 3D specialists at Sunderland’s Stereografix have devised the world’s first 3D website.

While the days of browsing the web in three dimensions are a while away, Stereografix founder Saif Chaudhry has demonstrated the potential of such a move by showcasing the first-ever stereoscopic 3D website at

While the site requires both a 3D- capable HDTV and 3D glasses, Chaudhry is confident that the taster could provide another reason for consumers to invest in 3D screens.

He said: “I don’t think many people are even thinking this far ahead, and we’ve got a prototype already. It’s not every day you can say you’re first with something where the internet is concerned.

“I think there needs to be a lot more 3D TVs and computer monitors out there before it becomes mainstream, but people aren’t just going to go out and buy these things unless they’ve got something to show on them.”

Chaudhry hopes that something will be provided by companies such as his own Stereografix, which he set up in March.

The former CGI senior designer, who worked on a 3D helicopter simulator project at one point for the Ministry of Defence, entered into a partnership with Blaydon Communications earlier this year to develop 3D signage which can be viewed without special glasses, and is currently working on projects for local, national and international clients.

Originally from Manchester, the University of Sunderland graduate was supported in setting up his business by Sunderland City Council and Sunderland Software City.

He has already worked with the council to create a short 3D film to promote the city’s recently launched Economic Masterplan, and is developing several projects in partnership with Durham University.

While he is currently the only member of staff and hires hands in on a contract basis, he expects to start recruiting in the New Year.

Chaudhry also hopes to bring businesses and freelancers to the North East to learn more about 3D from the company’s new 3D training courses. The courses are eligible for funding of up to £800 from Skillset.

He said: “We’re hoping they will attract people to the region. People in a range of industries can get a grant for them and learn how to make 3D games, films and animation.”

Sunderland City Council’s Bryan Charlton said: “Stereografix is a business right on the cusp of a new wave of technology that will no doubt spread rapidly throughout the world.

“We are delighted that Mr Chaudhry has chosen Sunderland as the base for his business. It is extremely exciting for the city to be part of the development of a business that has such magnificent potential and it will be exciting to see Stereografix grow.”



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