Working with the big names

IT’S fair to say that you can judge a company by the clients it boasts.

IT’S fair to say that you can judge a company by the clients it boasts.

Well, in terms of media production, clients don’t come much more impressive than those belonging to The Media Company.

The Cramlington-based company has looked after the needs of the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and Sky News, to name but a few.

And it’s not just broadcasters that The Media Company has worked alongside – some of the key media figures include Tony Blair, David Beckham and the late Queen Mother.

The company has also recently had its deluxe studio booked out by multinational sports brand Nike.

Director Jon Pijnen, 27, says: “The company boasts some quite high-profile clients – we have current and regular contracts with a lot of the major satellite broadcasters.

“We cover a lot of sport and news coverage – such as football and horse racing.”

The Media Company has seven key facets including video production, photography, studio facilities, advertisements, graphic design, training and editing. It is run by Jon and his father Les Pijnen, 61, managing director of the company. Jon says: “We have got some of the best facilities in the North-East. Everything that we do we want to be the best, done in the most modern way.”

Studio kit includes an ‘infinity cove’ – one of only a few in the North-East.

In photography, the cove is used to give the impression that the background of an object goes on for infinity. It is ideal for use with marketing images, as a product placed in the foreground stands out dramatically.

Another rare facility in the North is the studio’s Chroma Key Wall. This technology is essential in the film business and used to create the stunning special effects.

The technology enables you to put your actors or objects in many different locations or compose shots that would otherwise be expensive, impractical, or even dangerous.

Superman was one of the first films to use chroma keying.

Many more films have since used the technology, including Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter films. But the company is not just about top-notch equipment – it couples this with over four decades of experience.

“Not only are we modern – we have got the experience to back it up,” says Jon.

“Basically my father is the main character – he has been in the business for 40 years from the early days of film. He is most definitely the driving force and is well known in the industry.”

Jon outlined one of the most popular and exciting services that The Media Company is currently providing. “One of our most popular services at the moment is providing video for company websites. It is a new product and a lot of people want it. This means that you can show news and product ranges on your website.

“You could also utilise it to give an in-depth look at a product, something that photographs often can’t give. Demonstrations are also a possibility with this technology.”

But, as they say, the best endorsement a company can receive is from a happy client.

The Media Company provides William Hill with ongoing professional broadcast services and technical support. David Hood, director of racing and PR at William Hill, said: “The Media Company is highly professional and using them for various events has boosted our brand profile dramatically. They are both cost-effective and extremely reliable.”

To discuss your needs, contact The Media Company on (01670) 737070 or (0845) 6800038 (24 hours). You can visit the website and email

The Media Company UK Limited, Unit 1C, Poplar Court, North Nelson Industrial Estate, Cramlington, Northumberland, NE23 1WA.


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