West Hartlepool Rovers Quoits Club is saved

TBI Solicitors and Greig Cavey Commercial Agents have worked together to secure the future of an amateur Quoits Club.

Derek Boyd, David Loughrey, Alan Robinson, Andrew Beattie, Peter Cavey

TBI Solicitors and Greig Cavey Commercial Agents have worked together to secure the future of an amateur Quoits Club.

West Hartlepool Rovers Quoits Club has now launched its new club on Easington Road, having relocated from Grainger Street premises following a proposed compulsory purchase order.

Alan Robinson, official of the Quoits Club, said: “The compulsory purchase order was a bolt from the blue, and we felt we needed to fight it. However, with excellent support from Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors and Greig Cavey we’ve been able to work with the council. We now have a fantastic new club.”

Tilly Bailey & Irvine Solicitors agreed and completed the sale of the Grainger Street premises and the purchase of the new premises on Easington Road, and advised on a number of legal issues over its refurbishment and fit out, working closely with Peter Cavey of Greig Cavey Commercial Agents, Hartlepool.

Andrew Beattie, commercial property specialist with Tilly Bailey & Irvine said: “It was a shock to the club when they received notification of the compulsory purchase order.

“They were worried they would have little chance of survival. However, we have worked with the club and the Hartlepool Borough Council in order to help them relocate to new premises. The club’s new premises will be here to serve the community long into the future.”

John Ellwood, partner with TBI and one of the region’s leading licensing lawyers, secured the license for the new property. He added: “In addition to other legal matters the Quoits Club needed a licence for its new premises. As always we moved swiftly with the application and secured the license to help progress with the successful relocation.”

Peter Cavey, of Greig Cavey Commercial Agents, said: “West Hartlepool Rovers Amateur Quoits Club has been part of the local community for more than 100 years, and it was important it should survive. We’ve worked closely with Hartlepool Borough Council to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone.”

Alan said: “We are delighted the Quoits Club remains and can continue to benefit the community. We’d like to thank the council for being instrumental in the smooth transition into our new venue.”


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