Video highlights farmers' work to protect the environment

Industry-lead Campaign for the Farmed Environment has seen a number of major initiatives designed to preserve farmland wildlife

Ally Hunter Blair of Channel 4's First Time Farmers is among those involved in the NFU's latest video
Ally Hunter Blair of Channel 4's First Time Farmers is among those involved in the NFU's latest video

A new video has been produced to showcase how much farmers across England do to protect wildlife and the environment.

Back British Farming: How farmers protect the environment has been released by the NFU following research that showed 98% of farmers regarded the preservation of farm wildlife as important.

Farms in England grow 8,000 hectares of flowers for pollinators, while, under the industry-led Campaign for the Farmed Environment (CFE), farmers are providing 12,274 hectares of food for farmland birds.

A total of 7,387 kilometres of watercourses travelling through farmland have also been fenced to keep the water clean.

The video celebrates examples of work through which environmentally-friendly habitats have been created or preserved.

It includes contributions from several farmers keen to share their own good practice, such as Ally Hunter Blair, one of Channel 4’s First Time Farmers, who manages his field margins to protect hedgerows and watercourses.

Others involved in the project include NFU county vice chair for Leicestershire, Northamptonshire & Rutland, Phil Jarvis, and members of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust’s Allerton Project, which is enhancing field corners for pollinators and birds.


Fraser Hugill, CFE’s Yorkshire Coordinator, who has fenced all his watercourses to keep his shorthorn cows out of the water, also makes an appearance.

CFE coordinator Sam Durham said: ”This new video demonstrates that UK farmers care about the environment they work in.

“It is important that the public sees how much farmers are already doing voluntarily to maintain habitats for wildlife, wild flowers and plants for pollinators, and protect water courses.

“Farms are businesses that need to be profitable and productive, but as this video shows, many farmers also care for the environment, and provide a positive image of modern farming too.”

The NFU - which champions British farming and provides professional representation - has 55,000 members across England and Wales.

Its videos, which are created in-house, have been viewed 250,000 times on YouTube.

The NFU’s #BackBritishFarming campaign, meanwhile, has been shortlisted for the UK Social Media Awards and the Professional Publishers Association Digital Awards.



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