Utilitywise signs agreement with pioneering energy firm

Energy management consultancy Utilitywise, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sheffield-based Inspirit Energy

Geoff Thompson, chief executive of Utilitywise
Geoff Thompson, chief executive of Utilitywise

An innovative energy business has announced a further agreement with South Shields-based Utilitywise that could see the North East firm include a pioneering new power product in its range of services.

Energy management consultancy Utilitywise, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Sheffield-based Inspirit Energy, which has been spearheading the creation of an mCHP “micro co-generation boiler”.

Combined heat and power (CHP) boilers are already in use in Northern Europe and Russia as a well-established method to simultaneously generate power and useful heat on a large scale and reduce energy transmission losses.

The method lowers dependence on centrally generated grid electricity and CHP plants can be found worldwide, and in Europe and Russia heating for entire districts can be linked to a CHP plant.

The last few years, however, has seen mCHP emerge – systems based on the same concept but on a smaller scale, making it suitable for use in commercial and domestic environments.

Yorkshire-based Inspirit Energy announced last month it is in the final stage of commercial design for its mCHP boiler, and that it is committing to tooling with a number of its engineering partners and suppliers.

That move has taken a further step forward with the firm announcing on the AIM a “further, and very significant testing and field trial agreement with Utilitywise plc, one of Europe’s leading and rapidly expanding Energy, environmental management and Utility Broker companies.”

The agreement covers testing of the Inspirit Energy mCHP appliance in several high-profile installation sites in the UK and will test the appliance in a range of demand cycles including full and partial utilisation.

The firm is keen to partner Utilitywise because of its marked presence in Germany, France, the UK and other European countries, with more than 35,000 accounts including Costa Coffee and Ibstock Brick, placing it in an ideal position to include the Inspirit Energy mCHP appliance in its business utility solutions.

The market note from Inspirit Energy said that working closely with Utilitywise, their experienced service delivery and management capabilities ,will greatly accelerate the introduction of its Stirling Engine based micro-CHP products across the market sector.

John Gunn, the company’s chief executive, said: “This is a very significant agreement with a major European Utility Brokerage and Energy consultancy company.

“Partnering with Utilitywise will allow Inspirit Energy to trial its technology in a range of SME and other installations, validate the mCHP product, and demonstrate its cost saving capabilities.

“This will help accelerate the move to volume manufacturing over the next 12 months.

Utilitywise, which is soon to expand into new offices at Cobalt, recently revealed its pre-tax profits before exceptional items rose to £13.05m in 2014 from £7.4m the year previously.


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