THE Spice Girls rolled back into my life last week.

And for me, it will always be Geri.

And for me, it will always be Geri.

She was the fittest and still looked the best (although a bit mumsy) when they had their reunion press conference last week.

There was a lot of water under the bridge after 11 years (plus an Eddie Murphy baby) but I was willing to forgive them their trespasses.

I always liked the video to their second song - Giving You Everything - which involved a lot of leather and the girls getting very sweaty in a desert somewhere.

Geri was tops but Emma Bunton wasn’t bad and there was a girl at our school who looked a bit like her so I pulled her a few times because of the similarity.

I remember some comedian on Never Mind The Buzzcocks saying that for his generation they had Kate Bush and she was like “all the Spice Girls rolled into one”.

Well it got even better for the boys after me because they had Girls Aloud which were like the Spice Girls rolled into six (Cheryl Tweedy is so fit she counts as two).

There were a lot of numbers being thrown around at the Spice Girls press conference... 11 tour dates, £100m earnings, 11 years since they started etc.

It’s a bizarre story and you only need to look at the names of their kids to get an idea of their weird OTT existence.

The babies include Angel, Brooklyn, Bluebell and Cruz (the needle on the Will Sutton Cringometer has gone to red now).

What’s awful is that someday the kids might form a band of their own. You might think that sounds ridiculous but we live in a world where Tony Blair is a Middle East peace ambassador.

Anyway I’m glad the Spice Girls are back.

And if Geri agreed to have a baby with me she could call it whatever she wanted.

Will Sutton is a reporter with the Evening Gazette and will be making another insight into the world next week.


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