Space for start-ups at vibrant digital hub

New office space has been created for digital start-up companies at DigitalCity's flagship building, Middlesbrough's Boho One

Middlesbrough's Boho One building
Middlesbrough's Boho One building

New office space has been created for digital start-up companies at DigitalCity’s flagship building, Middlesbrough’s Boho One.

As a number of businesses have expanded and moved into larger spaces there, entrepreneurs now have the chance to join the creative network at DigitalCity Business (DCB).

Two small offices, just under 400sqft, one 706sqft office and one 968sqft office, will be available from August or September.

Head of operations at DCB Lauren Wearmouth said: “We’re pleased our larger offices have been taken up by expanding DCB businesses – and freeing up some small spaces for new businesses.

“This means digital businesses that are just starting out, and looking for a creative space with the networking opportunities and on-tap support DigitalCity offers, now have the opportunity to move into their own spaces.

“Past experience tells us these spaces won’t remain empty for long, and with the exciting new entrepreneurs emerging from DigitalCity Innovation at Teesside University and across the region, we’re looking forward to welcoming the next generation of businesses into Boho One.”

The building, which opened in 2009, is becoming recognised as the UK’s most vibrant digital hubs.

Consisting of 32,000sqft of high-tech office space, it was designed to be the heart of Middlesbrough’s new Boho Zone, the commercial quarter for the town’s digital media, digital technology and creative sectors.

Through it, Digital City Business offers a wide-ranging structure of support to everyone from those looking to set up their first businesses to established entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new venture.

It assists early launch and growth through training, contacts, investment, facilities and more, while also helping existing businesses reach the next level of their development.

Among the ventures to move to larger premises is Sound Training for Reading, which has taken on more staff and expanded.

Katy Parkinson, who is the founder and director of the company, which delivers a programme to improve literacy in schools, said: “We’ve been really pleased with the success of the business.

“Because of the demand we’ve experienced from schools across the UK we have been able to increase our number of employees – and that has meant we’ve also had to move into a larger office. We would not have wanted to leave Boho One, however.

“It’s a great building with a vibrant community that has supported us from the start and we’re pleased we will continue to be a part of DigitalCity Business.”

DCB is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), managed by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Together with DigitalCity Innovation at Teesside University, it is a main driver for the overall DigitalCity initiative, focused on creating a digital and creative supercluster in the North East.

It’s a great building with a vibrant community that has supported us from the start


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