Sedgefield-based Reinnervate forms alliance for invention development

Cell culture firm Reinnervate has teamed up with a leading stem cell company to further develop its revolutionary products

Stefan Przyborski of Reinnervate
Stefan Przyborski of Reinnervate

Cell culture firm Reinnervate has teamed up with a leading stem cell company to further develop its revolutionary products.

The Sedgefield life sciences company has entering into a collaboration with leading stem cell company Roslin Cellab to develop 3D stem cell printing products and services using its Alvetex technology.

Professor Stefan Przyborski established Reinnervate in 2002, to develop new products to improve research into cell development, disease modelling and drug safety screening.

His company manufactures a scaffold called Alvetex – a breakthrough 3D cell structure that mimics the normal growth and formation of tissues in the body, allowing cells to be grown in three dimensions rather than flat sheets, and the product was named as one of the top 10 life science innovations of 2010 by The Scientist magazine.

Alvetex is a polystyrene material is available in a 12-well culture plate format, as well as six and 12-well inserts and a deep petri dish. It has been tested with cell types including liver, skin, cancer and stem cells.

Prof Przyborski discovered and refined the technique of 3D cell culture to try to improve pharmaceutical research across the globe, by making experiments easier and cheaper to do.

Commercial interest in the bioscience tools the firm has developed rapidly since the 3D cell culture’s discovery.

Richard Rowling, commercial director at Reinnervate, said the two companies will now pool their expertise in the areas of 3D cell culture and stem cell biology to bring next generation stem cell products and services to the market.

Reinnervate will contribute new Alvetex 3D cell culture variants and expertise while Roslin Cellab will harness its capabilities in the area of stem cell culture and cell printing.

Dr Jason King, business development manager at Roslin Cellab said: “We are delighted to deepen our links with Reinnervate by working together in this area.

“This work builds on our earlier collaboration on the 3D culture and differentiation of stem cells using Alvetex.”

Richard Rowling, commercial director of Reinnervate added: “We are very pleased that Roslin Cellab has once again picked Alvetex technology as one of the most appropriate and flexible solutions for 3D cell culture for this new venture. The simple workflow and flexibility of Alvetex products make them an excellent companion for 3D cell printing projects”.

In February Prof Przyborski selected as a finalist in the Fostering Innovation awards, organised up by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council to recognise excellence in UK bioscience.


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