Sandra links you to the student market

THE former head of a student radio station has launched a company which helps companies sell to students over the air.

THE former head of a student radio station has launched a company which helps companies sell to students over the air. Sandra Tang, 26, has set up AdCampus, a centralised national sales house for student radio and allows advertisers direct access to the student market.

It represents stations all over the country and provides advertisers with on and off-air advertising opportunities.

AdCampus was set up with funding and support from Nesta – the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts – with backing from the Student Radio Association (SRA).

And Sunderland University graduate Sandra says that is ideally positioned to make a big impact in the marketplace.

She said: “We commissioned pollsters Opinionpanel to conduct research into the market, which concluded that one in every three students who listen to radio are listening to student radio.

“AdCampus was set up to help student radio stations capitalise on their growing success and facilitate a way for advertisers to target the hard-to-reach student market.

“Students are becoming more involved in their communities and are now wanting to hear their own campus news, local music and unique student offers and promotions.

“With the proliferation of high quality different delivery mechanisms such as Internet radio, podcasts and more tailored and personalised radio, student radio is becoming so much more prevalent and successful.

“Gone are the days where student radio was associated with low-fi sounds, amateur performances and poor guests.

“Nowadays, student radio produces high quality, professional and great programmes with the latest bands and celebrities trying to reach their student audience.

“A third of those at Radio 1 have a background in student radio and 6 Music recently recruited a student radio graduate for their chart show.”

According to the research, more than 75,500 students with access to student radio tune in at least once a week to the 50-plus UK stations available and 92% of them want news and services relevant to their lifestyles.Sandra said: “Student influence is paramount to the success of brands – student radio, with their national scale of word of mouth, is a huge, yet niche, market for advertisers to tap into and AdCampus is the vehicle.”

AdCampus is a member of Codeworks Connect, the trade association for the North-East’s digital industries.

Herb Kim, CEO of Codeworks Connect, said: “AdCampus is a terrific idea, backed up by some substantial research.”


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