Report looks to future of UK lamb production

The NFU and NSA are working together to help sheep producers make the most of opportunities

NFU livestock board chairman Charles Sercombe

Two of the UK’s foremost farming bodies have joined forces to help ensure a strong future for the country’s lamb production industry.

In their newly released Vision for British Lamb Production report, the NFU and NSA assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sector as it stands.

They also identify potential opportunities and barriers that must be overcome to exploit them.

The report will be used to frame and guide NFU and NSA activities as well as to persuade decision makers to clear a pathway for the sector’s continued success.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: “We are proud of the report, and particularly the fact the two main organisations representing sheep producers have come together in this way. For the first time we have pooled our resources to produce a clear, consistent message about where the industry should be going.

“The report provides a framework to keep us focused on our main goal, which is to help sheep producers make the most of opportunities.”

The report emphasises the need for the industry to react to market signals, to maintain and expand export options and to build on the current domestic market for sheep meat.

NFU livestock board chairman, Charles Sercombe, said: “The sheep industry in this country has a bright future and is well placed to address the challenges of global markets and to take the opportunities that are presenting themselves. The vision for lamb production, launched at the Sheep Event, sets out this positive vision and identifies areas we need to tackle to achieve it.

“A successful industry is one with a ruthless focus on supplying the market with the product it needs as efficiently as possible.

“This will involve long-term partnerships across the supply chain to identify and clearly communicate customer requirements.

“It will need appropriate marketing of our product on its inherent values, including great eating quality, high welfare and sustainable environmental management.

“Finally, Government must actively tackle legislative barriers which reduce competitiveness and our ability to efficiently supply markets across the world.”

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