Proton wins £244,000 feasibility study contract

Proton Power Systems Plc has won a £244,000 contract for work aimed at generating on-board power

John Wall, chairman of Proton Power Systems
John Wall, chairman of Proton Power Systems

Proton Power Systems Plc has been contracted to perform a feasibility study for a fuel cell maritime application in Asia Pacific.

The company, registered at St Ann’s Wharf in Newcastle, has won a £244,000 contract for work aimed at generating on-board power.

The study will be finalised by September and, when completed, should result in an order for several hundred units.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006, Proton designs, develops and produces fuel cells and fuel cell electric hybrid systems.

The latest news comes just after the firm received official approval for road service from the Germany authorities for its groundbreaking HyRange Fuel Cell System, integrated in a Newton electric truck, paving the way for the commercial applications of the technology in buses and light duty vehicles.

The company also has considerable experience in maritime-based fuel cell applications, having operated the Alsterwasser tourist boat in Hamburg with one of its systems for the past five years.

Company chairman John Wall said of the latest announcement: “This will be a milestone for us.

“Our know-how in maritime fuel cell applications is proven and allows emission-free operation.

“We look forward to receiving a significant order once the feasibility study is completed.

“The demand for emission-free systems in Asia Pacific is growing dramatically and our expertise will allow solutions in maritime as well as mobile and stationary products for the Asia Pacific markets.”


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