Be prepared to make most of venture capital growth finance

WE meet lots of people who are looking for investment to start or grow a business.

David Pope of Finance Tree

WE meet lots of people who are looking for investment to start or grow a business.

What most of them don’t realise is how different venture capital is from other forms of finance. The solution is simple, do your homework on preparing the business, not just the business plan.

Who should you get to help you? Well we would say “us”, of course.

Although we aren’t the only business support professionals that can help you with raising money, all of our people have in-depth experience in attracting money as they have raised investment themselves, are finance professionals and/or have run their own business.

From training to venture capital, Finance Tree, which was created in 2006 and has been independent since 2008, has evolved from a pure investment readiness training business (it still delivers the Sunderland Software City Ventures programme and other one-day venture courses) into a corporate finance, and business planning and support group.

We have also created a sister venture capital company – Rivers Capital Partners.

Finance Tree founders Peter Hiscocks and Jonathan Gold bring real inside knowledge on managing venture investments into the training we provide.

Corporate finance – how much do you need? What levels of finance can we help with?

We know how to help you shape your investment proposition, whatever it is, from a relatively small proof of concept investment of £100,000, all the way to a £1m to £10m equity round.

We specialise in advising companies going through structural change, often a point where new capital is needed.

This can mean anything from start- up, development, restructure or sale and purchase. In practice, our advice concentrates on the following:

Company analysis: This is to ensure a company is correctly structured and has undertaken the necessary analysis to direct the changes that are planned. These changes include: strategic advice, business planning and financial forecasting, including valuation exercises.

Equity funding: From £75,000 to £1.5m for companies that can demonstrate high growth. Our sources of funding are mainstream institutions and large corporations.

Debt funding: From £200,000 to £10m including complex hedging strategies. This will be for companies that can demonstrate sustainable revenue and strong visibility.

We consider an investment to be not just about new funds, but a relationship between funder and company in both commercial and cultural terms – in our experience the company can benefit from more than just funds.

To this end our investment reach is not just in the North East, but sources finance from London and Edinburgh, hence our scope to operate across a broad spectrum.

If you want to find out more, get in contact; the only way to find out if venture capital suits you is to talk it through with an expert – email , call 0191 230 6370, visit  or follow us on TWITTER at


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