Practice what we preach

AT PUSH Creative we are rather excited about our new brand which we are about to launch.

AT PUSH Creative we are rather excited about our new brand which we are about to launch. It’s been six months in the making, planning, designing, producing and tweaking but we’re now happy to say launch is imminent.

It’s a bit like the scenario of a builder and his own house; it can be difficult to make time to do things for your own company because you’re so busy helping clients achieve brand excellence.

Our company is now five-and-a-half years old and was in need of a little nip and tuck. The brand image was becoming a little tired. We wanted a new ‘grown up’ image to align with the current strategy. To communicate the calibre of company that we clearly are and to herald a new direction.

We needed to take the time to look after our own brand image with the same care and attention we afford our paying customers.

Put simply, it was about time we practised what we preached – if it’s broke fix it! If it’s lost it’s sparkle then bring it back, make it shiny and new and attractive again.

So this is how we approached it:

Re-assess: We all agreed that we had outgrown the logo, it no longer communicated our vision and values. We had firm ideas about where we sat in the mix and were ready to translate this with a fresh new image.

Reposition: Align the logo with the new strategy; we understand our marketplace, where we sit in the mix and we know what good looks like.

Roll it out: Now we have something we’re happy with, we are ready to roll this out alongside an online and offline campaign, let everyone know about the new change and communicate regularly. It’s no good having a great new image and marketing campaign if you use it once or twice. Use it or lose it!

To summarise, if a brand is lacklustre or has fallen behind with the times, it’s time to reassess. The North East is packed with fantastic marketing companies who can guide you through the process and provide a shiny ‘new you’ ready to take over the world.

To find out more about Push Creative, visit  or contact Liz on 0191 519 7266.

Liz Bassnett, director and head of creative at Push Creative


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