Personal branding and where you fit in

JUST as a business has a brand and a set of values, so do you as an individual.

JUST as a business has a brand and a set of values, so do you as an individual.

As a business manager how good is your personal brand? You may not think you have one, but we all have a brand; how strong yours is will determine how those around you interact with you.

The squeeze on the economy and the workplace means personal branding is greater than ever before.

It is about understanding what your target audience wants and communicating to them that you have the unique skills needed to deliver results. Outlining your strengths separates you from the competition and allows others to build a clear image of what you can offer them.

If you are not certain what makes you different, you won’t be front of mind; you will be lost in the crowd.

There are probably countless people offering the same thing as you but what makes you different?

Could it be your tenacity, your passion or, perhaps, the strategies you employ to meet your goals?

Self-branding isn’t just about capturing the attention of target audiences.

It is invaluable to you as an individual.

It allows you to formulate a clear picture about what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it and, ultimately, if you are going to be successful.

It is amazing the amount of people and businesses that have not identified their substance. Once you understand what makes you unique, this is your selling point.

You are now in command of your image and how employees or, indeed, your customers, view you.

Identifying goals and the strategies required to execute results will now be a lot easier as you will have a clearer idea of how you operate.

You will also be able to identify your target audience more efficiently and with that, your worth.

This will mean a significant decrease in time wasted on customers and employees who are not the right fit for your brand, resulting in a higher rate of success. It is no coincidence that big brands such as Nike command higher prices than lesser-known brands.

Things to address when determining your personal brand include identifying what you do (this may sound obvious but pin it down), what makes you different, what people gain from working with you and who your target audience is.

In essence, personal branding allows you to identify your strengths and skills, making you more attractive and, ultimately, more profitable.

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Daniel O’Mahoney of Bradley O’Mahoney Public Relations


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