Oil rig selfies... at Christmas

Pictures from around the world show how the festive season is celebrated in the offshore industry on oil rigs


It’s not Christmas as you might know it, but it is Christmas nonetheless, and oil workers around the globe still make a point of celebrating in their own way.

Our latest batch of Oil Rig Selfies catalogues the remoteness of the places in which workers in the energy sector can spend the festive period.

Ranging from the desert landscapes of Algeria to the bleakness of the North Sea, some are haunting and some are breathtaking, and some are both in equal measure. What they all have in common is that they’re very hard to reach.

The photographs have all been sent to Oil Consultants Ltd, which arranges work for people in the offshore industry from its base in Washington, Tyne and Wear.

Workers often find spending the festive season in far-flung reaches of seas and deserts quite difficult. Friends and family are far away, and conditions can be bleak. While companies try to set their rotas so that workers get either Christmas or New Year off the rig, unpredictable weather conditions can make transport to the mainland impossible.

Celebrations continue nevertheless, varying with location, and with company that owns the rig - as these photographs show.


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