NEtwitterati: Your suggestions come flooding in

Our search for the North East’s Most Influential People on Social Media has caught the imagination of the region with more than 700 nominations in just 72 hours

The Journal editor, Brian Aitken
The Journal editor, Brian Aitken

The votes have been coming in fast for the North East's Twitterati both on Twitter and by email.

We want to find out who in the region is using social media to shape the future of the North East and are asking people to nominate five people who are making the greatest impact in the online community.

The most nominated on this list so far are Helen Armstrong (@helensarmstrong), Stockton Councillor David Harrington (@cllrharrington) and Sarah Raad (@tentspitch) from marketing firm Tent.

There is still time to place your vote before the closing deadline at noon on Friday, September 27, 2013.


The aim of our campaign is to see who has the greatest impact on social media channels like Twitter and as a result who has the capacity to influence, not just the decision makers in the region, but the men and women with their mobiles phones and iPads on the street.

Our search is not just about the number of Twitter followers or Facebook likes an individual or organisation has, but is about recommendation and quality of content.

The Journal’s editor Brian Aitken said: “We knew when we launched this project that it would catch people’s imagination but we have been astounded by the hundreds who have got on board and have told us who they think should top this list.

“It has been fantastic watching the North East business community provide support to one another and we are pleased to hear that it has created new networking opportunities for many of those nominated.”

He added: “Traditionally The Journal has collated a list of the North’s most influential people - and we will continue to do that across all sectors. But with the rise and rise of social media we wanted to take a look at how this is impacting on who we are listening to.

“We expect our search will come up with some surprising results but hope by opening up nominations to people across the region we will be able to create an overview of the North East’s use of social media in a way that has never been done before.”

You can provide us with your top five people you recommend to follow.

This could be on Twitter, Facebook, instagram and other social media networks.

All recommendations will be added to our database and will contribute to our final list.

To give us your top five recommendations tweet us using #NEtwitterati, email or complete the form below:



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