Kromek secure new orders as demand for airport scanners grows

County Durham technology firm Kromek receives orders from around the UK and Europe

Kromek chief executive Arnab Basu
Kromek chief executive Arnab Basu

Fast-growing technology company, Kromek, has secured a host of new orders from UK and European airports.

The firm, based near Sedgefield, County Durham, is receiving growing interest in its European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) certified bottle scanner, which screens passengers’ liquid containers for explosives, affording a quicker, safer passage through security.

As well as orders from nine UK airports, demand has also come from Portugal, Cyprus and Belgium. The majority of Kromek’s annual bottle scanner sales targets have now either been met or contracted for delivery in the year to April 30, 2014.

The new orders coincide with the first phase of an International Civil Aviation Organization pathway, mandated in the EU, that means airports must provide the security screening equipment needed to allow the passage of liquids through airports for connecting passengers. By the end of the third and final phase, travel restrictions will be relaxed on the passage of all liquids, aerosols and gels.

Chief executive of Kromek, Arnab Basu, said: “We are pleased to announce more progress in the security screening area of our business.

“We believe that the take-up of our technology by numerous airports across the EU is an excellent validation of our offering. The bottle scanner provides one of the simplest ways to scan liquid in sealed containers.

“Our product can scan and identify liquids in all types of containers without any input from the operator, opening or damaging the products, and provides a simple pass or fail answer.”

The latest orders come on the back of a string of successes for Kromek, which started as a spin-out from Durham University in 2003. The 100-strong firm, now a world leader in colour imaging for X-rays, recently floated for the first time on the junior share market AIM. In less than a month, it secured almost £4m of orders.

As far as bottle scanners are concerned, the future looks even brighter, as Kromek has received a new certification from the ECAC for an improved version that will reduce the previous scanning time by half to just over 10 seconds.

Basu added: “The accreditation of our new, shorter-cycle bottle scanner from ECAC proves the efficacy of our technology and also shows that we are continually working with our targeted customer base to improve our system and the quality of the user experience.”


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