Increasing Floor Space And Efficiency In Warehouse Spaces

Any business which functions within a warehouse can see positive results from increasing its floor space and efficiency with existing space management.

Any business which functions within a warehouse can see positive results from increasing its floor space and efficiency with existing space management. Unfortunately, warehouse solutions can be tricky to actualise on your own.

While there are a number of ways you can make your storage and warehouse facilities more efficient perhaps by reordering stock, or reassessing layout ultimately, you can save a lot more time and money by installing some relatively simple and cost effective elements into your work space.

Here, we take a look at just two potential warehouse solutions which can help improve the productivity of your business. We will focus on pallet racking systems and the installation of mezzanine floors both of which can be easily and affordably achieved within most warehouse environments.

Pallet Racking

First of all, let's take a look at the option of installing pallet racking systems in your work space. Pallet Racking Systems are an improvement on any existing shelving facility. Allowing easy and fast access to stored stock, they make interacting with storage a less daunting prospect no matter the scale of your stock room.

What pallet racking systems can offer that few other storage options can is true flexibility. Not only does this allow full manipulation to increase the ease with which you sort through stock, but it results in a particularly efficient use of storage space.

While your regular storage system will inevitably leave space where smaller items are stored, pallet packing allows this unused space to be eliminated. Commonly, this wastage may have been targeted by doubling up items on shelves, resulting in difficult stock management. Pallet racking does away with any such need to compromise.

Mezzanine Floors

Next, let's consider the option of installing a mezzanine floor in your warehouse an option which allows you to see an increase in floor space at minimal cost. Perhaps you have taken some time to look at your warehouse or office space, wondering what you can do to free up space needed for further storage or office use. What you may not have had come to mind is the thought of a mezzanine floor.

A mezzanine floor is essentially a mid-level between existing floors. While it can be difficult logistically to create entire new levels in an existing building, mezzanine flooring is feasible in a great many large spaces.

A good Mezzanine Floor Manufacturer will be able to give you a realistic quote and analysis of the options available to you based upon your existing workspace. Where the pallet racking systems mentioned above can help increase productivity within your existing space, mezzanine floors can help increase floor space. When your square-footage has been successfully increased, you can then look once again at the most efficient way of using the space.

A combination of pallet racking on a mezzanine floor, your capacity will be hugely affected. Increase the space in your work place and you will undoubtedly see an improvement and increase in the business that you do.


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