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Important files find a safe home with Box-It North

BOX-IT North, part of a nationally franchised archiving service established in 1986, was started more than four years ago.

Andrew Graham of Box-It North
Andrew Graham of Box-It North

BOX-IT North, part of a nationally franchised archiving service established in 1986, was started more than four years ago.

Since then, it has become one of the fastest growing franchises in the group. The centre, just north of Newcastle, is ideally placed for access to all major roads and coverage is provided from Berwick to Redcar and west to Carlisle.

Box-It North’s service meets ISO 9001:2000 Quality Standards (annually assessed by independent auditors) and the firm will gain the latest environmental quality standard ISO1401:2006 later this year.

The business also operates within the British Standard 5454:2000 guidelines on the storage of paper documents.

On arrival, archive boxes are Nylon-strapped for added security and stored in humidity-controlled warehouses that are fully protected by intruder and smoke alarms.

Box-It North uses the latest computer-controlled bar code technology, ensuring archives can be easily retrieved. Clients are even able to recall archives using their own reference numbers. Not only does the company provide a box retrieval service, but it also has a file by file retrieval service.

Management reports can be provided to allow clients to control, monitor and budget archive costs efficiently and effectively.

Full audit trails are created from the moment a box or file enters the company’s care, charting the history of each and every box, which gives clients extra peace of mind.

These audit trails are retained for the life of the box, thereby ensuring the company provides clients with up-to-date information on all boxes entrusted to its care.

A real-time web access service can be provided, so clients can control, manage, view and order archives at the complex. It allows clients the same control for those archives that are on their own sites.

Should a client want an archive box returned, this is guaranteed within 24 hours of first notification and faster deliveries are also available.

With the group’s first warehouse nearing capacity, construction is nearly complete on its second large warehouse on the same site.

The company provides a flexible service designed to meet clients’ ever-changing needs in a fast-developing environment.

:: Further details can be obtained by emailing , calling (01661) 881770 or faxing (01661) 881382, or visit



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