H&H Land and Property says quarter of clients still waiting for vital BPS forms

Land agents advise those acting for themselves for contact the RPA as soon as possible or risk financial penalties

Helen Russell of H&H Land and Property
Helen Russell of H&H Land and Property

Chartered surveyor and land agents business, H&H Land and Property, has expressed concern about further complications with the Basic Payment Scheme.

Despite the deadline date for submission being just two weeks away, the company, which has offices in Durham and Carlisle, has confirmed that 25% of its clients are still waiting for the vital BP5 form.

Although a number of well-publicised issues have meant some delays were inevitable, worries have now begun to surface about whether some farmers will not be able to complete the process in time.

Helen Russell, of H&H Land and Property, said she and her team were concerned about the number of their clients who still have not received the required documentation.

“There was an initial hold up as the forms could not be emailed,” she said. “We believe that this has now been addressed.

“However, the uncertainties still remain for the unlucky farmers who have not received theirs.”

Although agents make enquiries with the Rural Payment Agency, they can only do so when authorised to act on behalf of their clients.

Otherwise, farmers face the task of obtaining the forms and completing them unaided.

Ms Russell added: “You’ve two choices in this situation – first, you can ring the Rural Payments Agency and inform them that you have not received your forms and ask for them to be emailed or posted.

“This entails a phone conversation to pass the RPA’s security checks before an e-mail can be sent.

“Alternatively, you complete a blank BPS form which can be downloaded from GOV.UK at www.gov.uk/rpa/bps .

“This applies if you haven’t claimed for the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) in the past or you haven’t been sent a BP5 application form, but you must be also be registered with the RPA and have an SBI number and Customer Reference Number before you can apply.

“We are happy to help anyone to complete these and are confident that all our applications will be made before the deadline – which is drawing ominously close on June 15.

“If you have no BP5, and are acting on your own, or have any concerns, it is absolutely imperative that you contact the RPA as soon as possible.

“Time is of the essence and failing to submit them by the required deadline of June 15 will almost certainly result in financial penalties.”

H&H Land and Property is the H&H group’s specialist division of chartered surveyors and land agents, working across all aspects of rural property across the North of England, the Borders and South West Scotland.


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