Fairground safety company takes messages overseas

ADIPS gains international recognition as best practice framework

Luke Ditchburn of ADIPS, left, and Paul Finch of Pulse Creative Marketing at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, South Shields, which is under the ADIPS scheme
Luke Ditchburn of ADIPS, left, and Paul Finch of Pulse Creative Marketing at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, South Shields, which is under the ADIPS scheme

A Sunderland business responsible for the health and safety of over 7,000 fairground and theme park rides and attractions in the UK is gaining international recognition as a best practice framework in regions including the Middle East.

The Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme (ADIPS), which was set up in 2003 to work alongside the Health and Safety Executive in providing safety certification for the fairground industry, has tapped into the expertise of fellow Wearside business Pulse Creative Marketing to market itself in the UK and, more recently, promote its messages in overseas markets.

From its home at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), ADIPS administers the safety scheme which covers a series of steps and checks, similar to a vehicle MOT, designed to ensure the health and safety of fairground attractions from design through to disposal.

Over the past 10 years it has gained a successful track record for reducing accidents on fairgrounds in the UK from 304 in the 2002 season to fewer than 100 per year in recent years.

The company’s general manager Luke Ditchburn is now being called upon to pass on his experience of fairground safety standards to overseas markets where no such safety framework exists.

The system has already been adopted as far afield as Singapore and the company is now making inroads into Middle Eastern markets. Earlier this year, it was asked to address The Dubai Entertainment, Amusement and Leisure Expo (DEAL) and staff are now planning a follow-up trip.

Ditchburn said: “Amusement park safety in the Middle East has attracted the attention of authorities following a couple of high profile accidents this year.

“The market in the Middle East is fragmented, with the maintenance and inspection of rides being carried out to a variety of standards.

“These safety issues have attracted the attention of the authorities and so the Middle East Safety Forum is now looking to promote and standardise safe practice. ADIPS were approached to advise and share their experiences of the implementation of a safety framework for the industry.”

Pulse has been instrumental in developing ADIPS’ branding and a range of marketing materials. It has also helped secure funding towards the cost of the marketing activity allowing ADIPS to launch an ongoing campaign.

Pulse marketing manager Paul Finch said: “ADIPS is a really interesting business that has captured a real niche in regulating health and safety in the fairground and theme park rides. It’s been challenging but extremely rewarding to work with Luke as he takes his experience of developing a successful framework in the UK overseas.”


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