Event Durham can provide high-quality low-cost services

NEED a one-stop shop for your conference or event in the North East?

NEED a one-stop shop for your conference or event in the North East? Tired of paying over the odds for a poor venue, poor food and poor service?

Before you organise your conference or event, contact Event Durham who will guarantee to give you a better deal on venue, facilities and catering in more than 10 venues across the region.

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Britain, Durham’s unique qualities ensure that any event, from an international conference and banquet to a customer reception or exhibition, will be profitable, successful and memorable.

Event Durham – Durham University’s conference and events team – provides a bespoke service for every aspect of your event, conference or banqueting needs. The award- winning team of 15 dedicated staff includes conference planners, venue advisers and specialist chefs to help you make the most of your event and, most importantly, making sure it is a profitable experience.

It also provides a venue-finding service for clients, including venues within Durham University’s 10 colleges, but also across the region, from Newcastle to Darlington.

At the heart of the success of Durham as a location for events is the diverse range of venues both at Durham and at nearby Stockton. The Durham venues give an extensive range of facilities for conferencing, banqueting and accommodation. Private dining facilities are available for intimate occasions or banqueting events for up to 350, along with purpose-built conference facilities for up to 180 with lecture theatres for up to 400.

Event Durham can manage your event from the get-go and from planning to conclusion via:

An Event Management Service – essential support for all conference arrangements, whether big or small.

Management of various tasks to assist in the planning and organising of an event, reducing your overhead and ensuring that every aspect of your event has been tailored to your exact requirements.

An Accommodation Finder service – with access to 1,500 en-suite and 3,000 standard bedrooms during July to September across a variety of venues in Durham and Stockton.

Call the sales team at Event Durham on 0800 289970 or send an email to event@durham.ac.uk  Someone will call you back and talk you through the variety of low-cost, high-service options for your event. They can also offer you free advice on making the most a conference, banquet or event.


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