eCommerce success through holistic search engine marketing

VISUALSOFT UK is the North East's premier full service eCommerce agency, providing a fundamental service for any online "E-tailer".

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VISUALSOFT UK is the North East's premier full service eCommerce agency, providing a fundamental service for any online "E-tailer".

Visualsoft understands the necessity of pairing advanced, bespoke Ecommerce websites, with a strategic search engine marketing approach.

The recent downturn in the financial climate, and the direct impact this is having on the retail market, has forced traditional retailers to broaden their customer reach by utilising the benefits of an online presence.

For most retailers, the online space is a leap into the unknown. The guidance from a reputable eCommerce agency is essential. Reputable being the word of emphasis. There is a plague of so called ‘specialist’ web developers, design consultants or SEO specialists out there! All claiming to provide the most effective, cheap eCommerce solution or to guarantee natural search engine listings. Our advice is to do your research on all of your potential service providers, be it the eCommerce platform supplier or the search marketers.

Look for examples of their work, get references, and be certain that they have the capacity to grow with your website throughout its life cycle. Remember, you get what you pay for in this life, quality and results come at a price; don’t be tempted by the cheap or easy option, make your decisions based on the ultimate rule of business, Return On Investment.

eTailers have became fully aware that a holistic search engine marketing approach is an essential key to their success. You can have the best website in the world, but if your potential customers are not able to locate you, then you’re destined for failure! Search engine marketing is a dynamic discipline, with new innovative channels popping up all the time.

A successful marketing strategy relies on a holistic strategic plan, giving you visibility across all online channels, allowing you to engage with potential customers, wherever they may be spending their time online. There is a strong complimentary relationship between many of the channels; for example social networking can help build brand awareness and increase online reach, which in turn, will improve the popularity of a website. The popularity (Page Rank) is one of the key factors involved in a search engine optimisation campaign, designed to improve a website’s visibility within search listings.

By planning ahead, the marketing strategy can pull together all online solutions, ensuring they help to fuel the over-arching success of the campaign. At Visualsoft our search strategies incorporate a mix of pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimisation, advanced email segmentation, social networking, display and affiliate marketing. A visibility across a combination of these channels, paired with a bespoke eCommerce solution, an online retailer could expect to take their ROI to new levels.

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