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THE RT-1 Rock Trencher is the largest and most powerful underwater tracked trencher in the world.

THE RT-1 Rock Trencher is the largest and most powerful underwater tracked trencher in the world.

Owned and operated by CTC Marine Projects, headquartered in Darlington, the RT-1 is a 2.3 Megawatt tracked heavy duty pipeline trencher, designed specifically for the burial of large diameter pipelines in soils far beyond the boundaries of traditional trenching and ploughing.

The trencher's unique triple chain cutter configuration defines a wide, sloping V-shaped trench allowing the stabilisation and protection of large diameter pipeline for trunkline burial.

This method delivers improved economic and environmental benefits in comparison to other protection methodologies.

The RT-1 is CTC's most recent technological innovation, which was designed and manufactured in the UK but has been built for the Australian market. Initial discussions with customers highlighted the need for more cost effective pipeline stabilisation and protection solutions on the Australia North West Shelf where seabed conditions are often hard ground.

This process culminated, after a three-year client consultation, research, development and equipment build programme, with the delivery in early 2009, of the RT-1.

The innovation involved in the vision and design of the RT-1 rock trencher gained CTC the NOF Energy Innovation and Technology award in 2009.

Operating some of the world's most technically advanced fleet of marine trenching vehicles enables CTC to complete workscopes ranging from subsea installation and trenching to a more comprehensive construction and protection service for the international offshore construction industry.


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