Consett cooling firm PremiAir Comfort makes hay on back of Great British Bake Off

Should bakers have enlisted Consett's PremiAir to take the heat out of the Baked Alaska controversy?

Mark Berry supporting the #JusticeforIain campaign, holding the image inspired by his daughter
Mark Berry supporting the #JusticeforIain campaign, holding the image inspired by his daughter

A North East cooling firm is boosting business after lending support to an ousted contender on The Great British Bake Off.

Consett-based PremiAir Comfort says it could quite possibly have averted a cooking calamity which has caused an unseemly stir since the BBC One show was screened this week.

Contestant Diana Beard was attacked on social media after she was shown taking fellow contestant Iain Watters’ ice cream out of the freezer during the episode’s final task, to make a baked Alaska.

Iain was left fuming when his dessert was left runny and stormed out, only to return and present judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with his creation in the bin.

The ‘bingate’ and ‘Alaskagate’ hashtags were born and Iain was eliminated from the competition.

It has also now emerged that Diana Beard will not appear in any more episodes, having quit the night before episode five due to ill health.

Twitter has been ablaze with support for Iain, through a campaign to reinstate him on the show – and PremiAir Comfort is also doing their bit.

Director Mark Berry said: “My wife and daughter were watching The Great British Bake Off last night and getting more and more animated. I wasn’t taking much notice until they started to shout at the telly about Iain’s melted ice cream.

“My wife was following the show on Twitter and we couldn’t believe the furore taking place on the social media site.

“My daughter is only 10, and when she said to me “Dad, you could’ve saved Iain’s ice cream” I had a light bulb moment and Tweeted our image in support of Iain.

We normally keep factories, offices and warehouses cool, but I’m sure we could have turned our skills to the Bake Off tent.

“If the temperature in the tent had been cooler then the ice cream would have had much better chance of freezing solid and disaster would have been averted. Who knows, Iain may still even be a contender.”

The hashtag #JusticeforIain was still trending nearly 24 hours after the show and so-called Alaskagate continues to rumble on.

Berry added: “We use social media to promote our business on a daily basis and have a healthy following of national and regional businesses.

“However, we never expected to be able to take advantage of a baking show to promote how they cool people, products and places.”


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