Cold brew coffee hits Fenwick's shelves thanks to Ponteland-based entrepreneur

Josh Thompson, who runs The Specialty Coffee Company and is co-founder of Lola's Coffee, has launched Point Blank Cold Brew

Josh Thompson of The Speciality Coffee Company
Josh Thompson of The Speciality Coffee Company

Coffee entrepreneur Josh Thompson will launch his “cold brew” coffee product in Fenwick Food Hall this week.

The Canadian businessman, who runs Ponteland-based The Specialty Coffee Company and is one half of the Lola’s Coffee venture in Newcastle city centre, is launching Point Blank Cold Brew — a caffeinated product that is less acidic than standard coffee.

Popular in the US, cold brew is made using ground coffee brewed in cold water for an extended period of time before it is filtered and served cold.

Mr Thompson has already sold his take on the product into selected bars, restaurants and coffee shops where it has proved popular as a cocktail ingredient.

The range is also available online and the Northumberland Street Fenwick Food Hall stocking represents its entry to the retail market.

Mr Thompson said: “It’s proving extremely popular in the health and fitness market and can also be enjoyed at home over ice, on its own, with milk, cream, tonic, or with your favourite spirit.

“The response has been overwhelming, and we are very proud and excited to announce our exclusive product launch this week in the Fenwick’s Food Hall, Newcastle.

Josh Thompson of The Speciality Coffee Company
Josh Thompson of The Speciality Coffee Company

“As awareness and interest in our brand, and the popularity of Point Blank, quickly spreads, we aim to rollout across the UK and beyond as quickly as possible.”

Inspired by a trip to the west coast of America, in particular the coffee shops of San Francisco where cold brew is gaining popularity, Mr Thompson returned to the North East determined to market the product.

He formulated his own recipe and brewing process from his home kitchen in Newcastle, and after successfully trialling it around the region has now secured production space.

Joe Meagher, the owner of Newcastle’s Flat Caps Coffee and Lola’s Coffee and a friend of Mr Thompson, said: “I’ve been using cold brew for years and it’s a fantastic drink. It’s really versatile product because its sweeter than coffee and it’s low in fat, but it gives you a beautiful caffeine kick. You can sell it as an energy drink but its clean because and not full of sugar.”

Point Blank was introduced at Edinburgh bar Tigerlily, where it received rave reviews and sold well.

Mr Thompson added: “Point Blank Cold Brew is 40% less bitter and acidic than traditionally brewed coffee. It is created using a cold water brewing technique which extracts all the natural and sweet flavours from specialty grade coffee beans, taking away the harsh and bitter tastes commonly associated with traditionally brewed coffee that has ‘gone cold’.

“With no sugar, no fats, no additives, no preservatives, no added flavours, and no carbohydrates, Point Blank is the ideal stimulant and energy boost, a clean and healthy drink that tastes great.”

Mr Thompson came to the North East 15 years ago and worked in development for a major consumer brand before expanding on his interests in coffee.


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