Choosing an internet marketing business

THESE tips will save you time and money and will get you results you want.

THESE tips will save you time and money and will get you results you want.

How did you hear about the company:
Have you heard good things about them? Has someone you trust recommended them? Did you find them through search engines?

Do they engage well with you, right from your first phone call? Do you trust them? What’s your gut feeling? Do you understand what they say or is there too much jargon? Do they understand your goals?

Choosing correct keywords:
Will they help you? Properly? There’s no point having a first-page search engine listing if only a dozen people are searching for that keyword each month.

Managing client expectations:
What kind of results do you expect to see, and in what timeframe? These answers should be clearly defined right from the start.

Getting results and monitoring progress:
Does the company have a good track record for achieving first-page search engine listings? Can they show you up-to-date examples and case studies? But remember, it isn’t always about search engine positioning, it’s also about increased traffic, getting more people to your website, people who actually want to buy your product or service. And can a potential internet marketing company show you these results in easy to understand monthly reports? After all, the ultimate goal is to sell more “stuff” isn’t it?


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