Burberry’s 13% earnings hike

SOARING demand for luxury handbags has helped fashion house Burberry deliver a 13% hike in interim earnings.

SOARING demand for luxury handbags has helped fashion house Burberry deliver a 13% hike in interim earnings. Burberry, famous for its distinctive black, camel and red check designs, said a growing market for accessories meant underlying operating profits rose to £95.1m. Accessories such as bags and shoes account for 31% of group sales.

Compensation reforms plan

THE City regulator has said it will press ahead with funding reforms to the compensation scheme for people who lose money when a financial services firm goes bust. Changes to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) will mean it is able to pay out up to £4.03bn to consumers in any one year. The scheme will also become more “robust and sustainable”.

Boost for Save Xmas campaign

THE Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has awarded an additional £80,000 to Citizens Advice to assist in the delivery of the Save Xmas campaign. The campaign was launched following the collapse of the Farepak hamper company last year and delivers information to assist people with their savings options.

Transparency for online auctions

FOLLOWING talks with the OFT, a number of internet auction sites have agreed to include and/or update information for consumers about their rights when buying through their sites. Online auction sites eBay, eBid, CQout, QXL and Tazbar will now include advice and links on their sites to inform consumers of their rights under the Distant Selling Regulations (DSRs).

And a good day was had by all

WORKERS are twice as likely to have sex with their partner, smoke and drink less, and avoid fast food if they have a good day in the office, according to a new report. Two-thirds of parents spend quality time with their children after an enjoyable day at work, a survey by online recruiters jobsite.co.uk also found.

BAA spends more on security

AIRPORT operator BAA said it spent an additional £39m on security and improvements during the first nine months of this year. The group has come under fire over long queuing times for security and the poor quality of service and cleanliness at its airports.


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