Bastion Security helps protect priceless document

Equipment designed and manufactured on Tyneside was used to protect the priceless Magna Carta during its summer exhibition in St Albans

Bastion Security
Bastion Security

Bastion Security, headquartered at Follingsby Park, built an ultra-secure room to house the document while it was on display at St Albans Cathedral.

Normally used for high-protection tasks by the Government, police, military and banks, the patented BastionWALL system was called into service to safeguard the 11th Century document on loan from Lincoln Cathedral.

The bespoke ballistic and blast rated ‘room’ arrived at St Albans in a flat-pack.

Bastion Security managing director, Tom Deevy, said: “The room weighed four tonnes and was built by a small team over three nights, to avoid disrupting the daily activities in the cathedral.

“We had to design a special ramp to accommodate the 80cm drop from outside to inside the cathedral and we delivered the room’s parts on trolleys.

“It was a big job but we’re very proud to have created the only product that both provided the top-level security needed to protect the Magna Carta that worked within the constraints of the cathedral’s historic architecture.

“Being asked to provide protection to one of the world’s most treasured historical documents was a great privilege, and the secrecy surrounding our involvement reflected the reported £33m insured value of this piece of history.”


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