Applied Graphene Materials' technology shows promise for greases and lubricants market

Tests conducted by a Belgian company on behalf of the Teesside firm show graphene nanoplatelets enhanced performance of greases and lubricants

Applied Graphene Materials plc
Applied Graphene Materials plc

Applied Graphene Materials says testing on base oils enhanced using its products has produced positive results.

Low levels of the Teesside firm’s graphene nanoplatelets were added to base oils — a key ingredient in the manufacturing of lubricating greases, motor oils and metal processing fluids.

The work was undertaken by BfB Oil Research in Belgium and showed small amounts of Applied Graphene’s product reduced friction and wear on metal surfaces.

It is hoped the results will provide a route for Applied Graphene’s technology into commercial applications of greases and lubricants.

The findings of the BfB tests are due to be shared lubrication industry partners and others at the Global Tribology Oil and Lubrication (STLE) Exhibition in Dallas this month.

Jon Mabbitt, chief executive officer, said: “Following on from our recent positive independent coatings trial results, it is pleasing to now receive BfB Oil Research’s initial findings on graphene enhanced base oils which indicate that these positive results can be translated to higher volume applications.

“With a scalable manufacturing process, our growing library of test data and a strong technical team, Applied Graphene Materials is well placed to help its customers apply and exploit graphene in their end products and markets.”

Michael Boucher, BfB’s technical manager, added: “The results from our test work are very instructive and show that Applied Graphene Materials’ well dispersed graphene nanoplatelets offer the potential for significant property improvements in oils and greases. We look forward to continuing to support Applied Graphene Materials’ ongoing development work.”


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