Darlington Mart: January 6

Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their weekly sale of cast cattle, store and breeding stock. Forward were 244 head of cattle and 326 sheep

A farmer with his flock of sheep
A farmer with his flock of sheep


Darlington Farmers Auction Mart held their weekly sale of cast cattle, store and breeding stock. Forward were 244 head of cattle and 326 sheep.

108 Cast Cattle sold to 193ppk or £1419 per head; 32 Store Steers sold to £1225 per head; 53 Store Heifers sold to £1270 per head; 43 Young Bulls sold to £1045 per head; 8 Breeding Cattle sold to £1620; 326 Store Lambs sold to £97 per head

Cast cattle - The trade for cows started the year on a high and well ahead of many other centres as the market average soared to 127 pence per kilo. Some 20 cows had a value the top side of £1000 and an amazing 90% sold for over 100ppk. The day’s leading priced cow was a strong 8 year old Charolais from R A & J Blyth, Middleton House Farm; she sold to Dawn Meats UK Ltd for £1419. Her stablemate was also worthy of a mention as she came next in to the ring also reaching over £1400. Top price per kilo was 193 pence which was paid by Cleveland Meat Company, Stockton, for a 3 year old Limousin shown by M W Skidmore Ltd, North Hanging Wells. Black and White Cows sold to 154ppk from A R & C Booth, Village Farm and to over £1000 from J C Thwaite & Son.

Leading pence per kilo beef breeds - 193 173 M W Skidmore Ltd. 187 157 149 J Musgrave. 173 157 R A & J Blyth. 170 R R C Andrew. 170 168(x2) A Rooke & Sons. 161 150 Barker Farming. 152 I M Maughan. 150 149 A C Simpson. 149 Anthony Tindale. 147 146 P & E Ellis. 147 B R Lawson. 146 F Ward.

Leading dairy cattle pence per kilo - 154 125 A R & C Booth. 150 145 144 Wilkinson & Son. 143 J C Thwaite & Son. 131 I F & C M Herring & Son. 126 A S & J K Leggott. 124 K N Wyrill.

Leading grossing beef breeds - £1419 £1401 R A & J Blyth. £1288 £1132 Barker Farming Partnership. £1271 J Musgrave. £1240 £1088 M W Skidmore Ltd. £1097 P & P M Walker. £1090 B R Lawson. £1061 F Ward. £1055 £1025 A C Simpson & Son. £1040 P Coupland.

Leading grossing dairy breeds - £1021 J C Thwaite & Son. £998 £914 K N Wyrill. £977 £918 I F & C M Herring & Son. £946 A R & C Booth. £911 D Raper & J A & P D Pounder.

Store & breeding cattle - The cattle trade through the store ring started 2014 on a high just as it had ended 2013. First into the ring for the new year from B R Lawson, Buddle House came a 3 year old British Blue Heifer with her 2 month old bull calf at foot, keen bidding eventually stopped when the outfit sold to N G Bevridge, Low West House for £1620. Following the breeding cattle came the young bulls which were dominated by a run of 10 month old Limousin’s from P Tindale, Paradise Farm averaging £950 they sold to a peak of £1045. The leading heifer on the day was a 26 month old Simmental from E Parsons, Newstead Farm she sold to K Tallentire for £1270. The leading steer was a very smart Hereford from P R E Marwood, Huller Bush at 21 months old he sold for £1225 to B T Dunkley, the 32 steers offered this week averaged a fantastic £925. Next week a larger catalogued entry is expected as vendors will surely begin to cash in on the current trade.

This week’s leading prices: store steers - £1225 £1200 P R E Marwood. £1180(x2) £1100 £1020 D W Dresser. £1100 £1060 £1040 £950 D & P H Brown. £1040 G A Jopling. £975 I Spedding.

Store heifers - £1270 £1100 £1060(x3) E Parsons. £1005 £1000 £990 £980 N G Beveridge. £1000(x3) D W Dresser.

Young bulls - £1045 £1005(x2) £1000(x2) £935(x2) £930 £890(x2) £880(x2) P Tinbdale. £820(x2) J Curry. £810 J N Watson.

Store sheep - A pen of outstanding Texel Gimmer Lambs from I Spedding, Harelaw Farm set the trade on fire realising £97 each, the next pen in the ring from the same home led the trade for store lambs, this time suffolks they sold for £81 each. A varied show met a fabulous trade as buyers were out in force looking to buy feeding lambs of all types.

Leading prices store lambs - £97 £81 I Spedding. £80.50 £72 £68 J Walshaw & Son. £76 R L & L Coatsworth. £66 £64 W S Anderson. £64.50 P J Wiper.

St Boswells

January 6

John Swan Ltd sold 71 clean cattle, 75 OTM cattle, 3479 Prime & Cast sheep, 2671 old season SQQ lambs and 808 ewes

Bullocks (31) averaged 231.7p per kg and sold to 260p (-3.5p on week); heifers (38) averaged 229.3p per kg and sold to 257p (-10.3p on week); 2 young bulls averaged 202.4p per kg and sold to 205p (n/c on week); 75 beef type OTM cattle averaged 126.7p per kg and sold to 185p (+2.1p on the week); old season SQQ lambs averaged 193.3p per kg (+1.1p on week) and sold to £104; ewes averaged £56.49, and sold to £115 and £123 for tups

Heavy ewes £72.68, light ewes £42.70.


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