Appointments: Tharsus Group appoint finance expert to promote efficiency

Tharsus Group has appointed experienced accountant, Michelle Donnan as its head of finance and company secretary

Michelle Donnan, head of finance and company secretary for the Tharsus Group
Michelle Donnan, head of finance and company secretary for the Tharsus Group

Michelle will be responsible for overseeing the company’s expenditure and evaluating existing procedures to ensure Tharsus is maintains its efficient operating practices. In her role as company secretary she will also assist with the evolution of its corporate structure to enable each department to draw from a pool of skilled employees.

Originally from an auditing background, Michelle gained her chartered status in 2008 and went on to join Ringtons as its group financial accountant before being given the additional responsibility of acting as its company secretary.

Tharsus Group is a leading exponent of original equipment design and manufacture (OEDM), which is an emerging form of outsourcing partnership and brings together supply chain management, intellectual property, product development and manufacture into one process.

The company applies OEDM to its build of complex electro-mechanical and clean-tech products for market leaders and emerging businesses bringing new products to market. It has developed and manufactured products in partnership with its customers ranging from vehicle parts washers and electric car charging points to glass bottle crushers.

Michelle said: “Joining a growing business like Tharsus is great opportunity and one I couldn’t miss. The complexity of the manufacturing process requires me to understand each function in great detail and is a challenge I am relishing.”

Brian Palmer, chief executive of Tharsus Group, added: “Michelle has a proven track record in finance and has always welcomed extra responsibilities. She is just the type person we need to help Tharsus achieve its potential.”


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