Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson is a Journal columnist and former MP from Northumberland

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George Osborne

We need children protected and bins cleared - we don't need hundreds of councillors and officers

North East Party leader Hilton Dawson says it is now possible to see what George Osborne has in store for the region

Anne-Marie Trevelyan winning

Hilton Dawson pens open letter to new Berwick MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Former MP Hilton Dawson, who lives in the Berwick constituency, writes an open letter to its new MP, Anne-Marie Trevelyan

Hilton Dawson

The world's most squandered resource must be the intelligence and wisdom of human beings

Journal columnist Hilton Dawson on the resilience that comes through from the stories of the people from his Northumberland village

James Bolam, November 1975, with actor Rodney Bewes the stars of television programme The Likely Lads

Hilton Dawson: Decent and responsible politicians should not be acting in this way

North East Party leader Hilton Dawson on the choices we face at the election - and why we must use our votes

Protesters during the first Pegida Rally anti-Islam demonstration in the country in Newcastle city centre

Hilton Dawson: We can take heart from our response to the squalid Pegida demo

Former Labour MP and now North East Party leader Hilton Dawson on why Pegida chose Newcastle - and why they were seen off

Hilton Dawson of the North East Party

Hilton Dawson: A way of life is gone - and some of us are still grieving for it

Journal columnist and former MP Hilton Dawson says coal-mining may be a museum piece - but the community spirit that went with it is not


Hilton Dawson: It's time to end this 24-year scandal of council tax

Journal columnist and North East Party chairman Hilton Dawson on the tax that was deliberately set up to be unfair

Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson: The book that taught me that everybody has a story to tell

Journal columnist Hilton Dawson wishes he could be in Dublin for Twlfth Night - and here's why

Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson: Let's have our own Christmas truce and throw aside the old arguments

Journal columnist and former MP Hilton Dawson says our forefathers had the courage to leave the trenches - we should follow their example

Hilton Dawson

Hilton Dawson: This is the time to bring challenge and change to the North East

Journal columnist Hilton Dawson draws on his own successful campaigns to become an MP to find new lessons for the North East in election year


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