David Banks

David Banks

David Banks is a former newspaper editor and Journal columnist

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Steve Martin American Actor Comedian in the film L.A Story

David Banks: Whatever happened to that toddler full of boundless confidence - and my column?

Journal columnist David Banks on dashing to his daughter's wedding and leaving his words of wisdom behind

A sinkhole in a road

David Banks: Beware, old man in the road

Journal columnist David Banks on the dangers on relying on just one source of information

Journal columnist David Banks

David Banks: Dinner was great - but a fully functional kitchen would have been even better

Journal columnist David Banks commends an initiative in his Northumberland village - but says it should have gone further

Broadband speeds in rural parts of Northumberland are struggling

David Banks: No quick fix for superfast broadband

Journal columnist David Banks bemoans his internet service provider's slowness in upgrading his connection to superfast broadband

Rupert Murdoch

David Banks: It was Rupert Murdoch who loved Page 3. Are they really going to pension it off?

Former Mirror editor David Banks on how the boobs took on a life of their own this week

Tributes at the French Institute in Edinburgh

David Banks: How does the media respond to the atrocity in Paris?

Journal columnist and former Mirror editor David Banks on why we must not submit to threats - but throwing petrol on the flames is wrong too

Journal columnist David Banks

David Banks: I write to you from a loo in London, before dawn on Christmas Day

Journal columnist David Banks goes above and beyond the call of duty as he reports in with his thoughts at the festive season

Journal columnist David Banks

David Banks: There I was in a flowing ballgown - it brought the memories flooding back

Journal columnist David Banks on how dressing up in women's clothing has a strange allure when compared to a freezing cross-country run

The Playhouse in Alnwick

David Banks: Trust me, I'm a journalist

Journal columnist David Banks makes his case for a role as roving critic of the region's Festive church services

Midge Ure (left) and Bob Geldof arrive for the recording of the Band Aid 30 single at Sarm Studios in Notting Hill, London

David Banks: How Band Aid turned into nobodies

Journal columnist David Banks on how 30 years of Do They Know It's Christmas have managed to turn him into his own father


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