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Curious Georgie is a toddler on a journey of discovery

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Curious Georgie: The price of a smiley face... Emoticon charges to make you frown

This week it emerged that naughty phone companies were charging customers up to 40p a shot for signing off with a smile

Handwritten note Sammie Welch received from a stranger when she was travelling with her three-year-old son on a busy First Great Western train from Birmingham to Plymouth

Curious Georgie: Note on a train saga would have been nothing more than an anecdote a few years ago

The heart-warming act of a stranger on a train quickly turned into a national man hunt - with media coverage to match

Charlotte Crosby poses with a cardboard cut out of her old self at a DVD signing

Dieting in public does not a career make

Our youngest columnist has been pondering job prospects this week, but is planning to steer clear of making a fitness DVD like Charlotte Crosby and the rest of the Geordie Shore lycra-wearers.

Are we just accepting Black Eye Friday as part of the Christmas tradition then?

How can it be that the depressing trend for people getting silly and fighty a few days before Christmas gets its own pet name?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the Theatre Royal Newcastle

Review: Snow White, Newcastle Theatre Royal, until January 18

As Danny Adams and Clive Webb celebrate a decade of pantos on Tyneside, we send our youngest columnist to see her first ever one

Cute penguins or not, John Lewis are among those conspiring to spread the Christmas spirit and its associated goodwill too thinly

Curious Georgie: John Lewis and the rest of the Christmas Starts in Autumn

While I have nothing against Monty the penguin, and wish him a lifetime of happiness, I do wonder where early Christmas will end

Mickey and Minnie led a cast of Disney legends back to Tyneside

Review: Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic, Metro Radio Arena, until Sunday

This week, The Journal's youngest columnist, Curious Georgie returned to the site of last year's meltdown (her not the ice) as Mickey and Friends skate onto Tyneside

South Shields' Sarah Millican is flying the flag for girl comics, but I do long for the day when no flag is required

Curious Georgie: Of course girls are funny... how could anyone have ever doubted it?

New ticket numbers show more people are going to see girl comedians than ever before... but the gender gap is still ridiculous

Prince George, pictured here on a family trip to New Zealand will have his world rocked when baby number two turns up

Curious Georgie: Breaking news of Royal baby number two seemed a tad rushed from where I was standing (around 3ft tall)

The news that Prince George won't be king of the castle any more, until he's actually King, means the world's on womb watch again

The Great North Run Opening Ceremony gave Tyneside an unforgettable experience

Curious Georgie: Attention national media! The GNR Million opener was brilliant, and you missed it

Thursday night's GNR hooplah had everything, except the attention it deserved. Did the nationals have a diary mix up or something?


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