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The FTSE 100 Index

Andrew Miller: Revisions don't alter the big picture

This week saw recent US economic history rewritten a little: growth in the first quarter was revised lower

China skyline at night

Andrew Miller: Asia's a favourite but don't write off West's markets

Asia has long been the global economy’s best hope. Its relative growth prospects are undoubted: in a liberalising world, why should three-fifths of the planet’s population not one day produce a similar proportion of its output?


Andrew Miller: An elephant is leaving the room . . .

The idea our children will be collectively shackled by our debts is as misleading as the headlines suggesting the average person on Earth owes X thousand dollars


Andrew Miller: Don't be bullied by bonds

Last week, chairman of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Ben Bernanke bent the knee to the bond vigilantes

A screen showing the FTSE 100

Andrew Miller: Volatility is testing investors' patience

Yet another bout of volatility is testing investors’ patience. This one, however, likely marks the beginning of a return to normality, not a divergence from it


Andrew Miller: Markets react to central bank moves

In spite of another Portuguese political meltdown and more astonishing scenes in Tahrir Square, Egypt, the most recognisable fingerprints on markets last week were again those of the central bankers

Andrew J Miller gives his views on the economy and investmen

Andrew J Miller: A good long-term entry point

We have been expecting, even courting, some returning volatility for several months now

Investors worried over S&P downgrade

STANDARD & Poor’s (S&P) confirmed on Friday that France and Austria have lost their coveted AAA ratings and also downgraded seven other euro area countries, including Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Consumers to shape growth for year ahead

In many respects, the consumer has carried the weight of the global economy on its shoulders for some time.

Markets look ahead with caution

AS A torrid 2011 draws to a close and investors look ahead nervously to 2012 and the next batch of emergency EU summits, potential risks are much easier to spot than opportunities.


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